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[Babbacombe, Devon] Hanbury's

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This is one of those chippies that you reckon you should always come across when you’re at the seaside – but so rarely do.

It’s won awards. Most recently, winner of the south west regional final of the Fish & Chip Shop of the Year competition and it came third in the national finals (after the The Bay in Stonehaven and Simpson’s in Cheltenham)

Hanbury’s is an odd looking place. There’s so much “stuff” on the walls and hanging from the ceiling that they must have been down the local wholesale junk shop and cleared them out. “Yep, we’ll take the Christmas tree lights. Yes, all of them. They’ll look great next Great War model airplane and the plastic flowers. And, yes, we’ll have the fish cartoons. You can’t have too many fish cartoons, can you?” And, speaking of awards, if they ever add to the chippy awards a “Most Uncomfortable Seating” category, Hanbury’s will be sure to chalk up another win.

As for the fish & chips, they’re damn good. Not perfect. But damn good. Cod was a nice piece of fish, encased in the thin, but not overly thin, very crisp batter, which should always be the sign of a good chippy. Chips were tasty bits of fried spud. For me, they could have done with a bit more frying to get some more colour on them. They weren’t ghastly, but they were definitely a whiter shade of pale.

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  1. Procol harum meets fried fish! Got to love it then.