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May 20, 2013 10:45 AM

What to do with leftover homemade pudding and cream

I have a ton of leftover mixture of half homemade chocolate pudding and half homemade whipped cream. It's delicious, but a little thin, like eating melted chocolate ice cream with a spoon.

I'm not all that creative with desserts, so what can I do with this?!

I have about 3 quarts.

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  1. I'd churn it into ice cream. If you don't have an ice cream maker, maybe try freezing it into pudding pops/paletas? You could also add some eggs and use it as the liquid component in a bread pudding.

    1. Add in some blummed gelatin and create a mousse!

      1. Trifle. You can add it to store-bought pound cake, a little liquor, and fruit or preserves.

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          Thanks, however, it's too thin for that. It's the consistency of melted chocolate ice cream now. :-)

        2. maybe whip some air into it and freeze it as ice cream/semifreddo.

          1. I would make ice cream or popsicles. A few more ideas:

            A sort of chocolate tres leches cake -- poke a warm sheet cake full of holes, pour some of the pudding and cream mixture over it, let cool, and top with whipped cream.

            Make the richest hot cocoa or chocolate milk ever. Add frozen bananas or strawberries and blend for smoothies.

            Fill crepes, top pancakes, French toast, slices of cake, or waffles.