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May 20, 2013 10:12 AM

New Vietnamese restaurant Sarasota - any Chow reports?

New place on west side of 301, couple miles North of downtown; thanks

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  1. EDIT - west side of 41 and named Leanh's; had the pork banh mi today (excellent). Will post a more thorough report soon.

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    1. re: cflynn

      Have you been to JR Pho lately? Comparison between the banh mi at the two places?

      1. re: kengk

        Had pho bo there the last couple of times - ask for the steak on the side if you want it rare; haven't had a banh mi from JR in a while because I'm stuck on the grilled pork one from Miss Saigon down the street.

      2. re: cflynn

        We have now been twice to LeAnh's and want to repeat. The food is interesting. So far, not every dish is at the top, but they are mostly quite good and they seem still to be real. I do not have a deep knowledge of Vietnamese cuisine but I have eaten a great deal of it and benefited from a family member (Vietnamese) who is a seriously good cook. I am finding this restaurant interesting and want to explore it more. They are early on and would benefit from having clients who actually want to eat, and to eat the real thing. MM

      3. It's Leanh's on the North Trail, Been twice. Pretty good. But I think Pho Cali is still the best.

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          Pho Cali is still #1 for my tastes!!