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May 20, 2013 09:43 AM

Need casual/cafe rec for Spring Lake on a Tuesday evening

I have a first date that I am planning for tomorrow, and was planning to take my guest somewhere casual and non-fancy dinner-like in Spring Lake.

My first option, the Spring Lake Coffee House, is apparently closed, as the # is disconnected. I also tried Ray's Cafe but they are closed on Tuesdays as well.

Anyone have suggestions in the area for a casual coffee/sit down kind of thing that is relatively mild on the wallet? Thanks!!!

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  1. How about St.Stephens Green on rte.71

    1. Or The Porch also on Rt. 71

      1. There is the Green Planet in Manasquan if its just coffee. Interesting coffee drinks and pastries. It's around the corner from Squan Tavern. If you want something "harder", I like Harrigans more than the Porch. A lot of places ate closed Mondays & Tuesdays until late June. Also try the Union Landing in Brielle. Outside seating with a view if the marina and river.

        1. I like SusieQ's rec of St. Stephen's a lot. Casual coffee? or a meal? I'll also second Harrigan's in nearby Sea Girt (also on Rte. 71) which while a bar first/resto second do serve up some real nice chow.