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Do you have any recipes using sorrel?

I just harvested quite a lot of sorrel from my garden, and I love the taste of it, but there seems to be a dearth of recipes for it. Can you help out? Seems to me it would be quite good with salmon, in a soup, salad, or in other ways, but would love to have specific recommendations. I wonder why it is not more popular; it's quite easy to grow.

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  1. Schav, sorrel soup, usually served cold. Here is one recipe:

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      Have you tried this? It sounds so good; I'll be trying this one! Thank you.

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        I haven't made it myself, because where I live it would cost me a fortune to get enough sorrel. But I ate it years ago at home, and always liked it.

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          Isn't sorrel dandelion greens? If yes, find a field of dandelions and you've got all you can handle.

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        Here's another sorrel soup recipe, French style http://honest-food.net/2012/04/04/fre...

        I don't have quite enough for this quantity, but I'm going to figure out proportions for whatever I can harvest.

      3. My mother used to make wonderful sorrel sauce for salmon. She would saute some onion in butter or a combo of butter and olive oil, then add shredded sorrel and stir till it melted (takes a lot of sorrel, it is like spinach in that respect), then add a bit of freshly ground pepper and a bit of cream. It is not pretty, as the sorrel turns greyish, but it is truly wonderful with salmon. If you have tons of sorrel, this freezes well at the pre-cream stage, then you can pull it out, heat it up and add the cream right before serving.

        Yotam Ottolenghi loves sorrel and I keep meaning to make the yogurt sauce that is about halfway down in this article (and actually right after it he tells about a sauce just like my mother's). http://www.guardian.co.uk/lifeandstyl...

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          I made that Ottolenghi sorrel-yogurt sauce when I made this recipe for chard cakes from his cookbook Plenty: http://www.guardian.co.uk/lifeandstyl...

          I used the leftover sauce on a few different things, but the best combination was it drizzled over sliced avocado. The tart, tangy flavor was a perfect foil for the richness of the avocado.

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            And I love Ottolenghi! This sounds very good, and it will be added to my list of things to try. Sounds versatile, too.

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              So, two people have recommend his recipes, and I will definitely trying them!

            2. I use it with salmon

              Saute shallots and white mushrooms in olive oil
              add about a 1/4 - 1/2 cup dry white wine and reduce to a glaze.
              Add cream (I use heavy) and let steep for 20 - 30 minutes
              Season with white pepper and salt
              Strain out the solids and set aside until ready to use

              When ready to use, add julliened sorrel and let heat through for about 5 minutes.

              Serve with or on the salmon

              1. Another name for it is sourgrass.
                I think some ppl don't like it is bcz of its sourness

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                  It is specifically because of its' sourness that I like it--not too many foods have a sour taste, and I find it so refreshing.

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                    Interesting. When I was young we used to pick and eat a wild weed we called sourgrass. I researched it years later and found that what we were eating was actually a variation known as sheep sorrel. I've never heard that term applied to garden sorrel. The flavors of the two are quite similar, though.


                  2. My Ukrainian mom used to make Schav, basically sorrel, potatoes, broth and an egg, all pureed after the potatoes are cooked. I use a hand blender.

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                      Lovely--adding it to my sorrel recipe file! Thank you.

                    2. In France, I had boneless rabbit stuffed with sorrel sautéed in a brown sauce that was wonderful. Sub boneless chicken breasts for rabbit possibly.

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                        What a wonderful idea--and I happen to have a rabbit in the freezer--any idea what was in the brown sauce?

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                          A basic brown gravy, undoubtedly flavored with pan scrapings after sautéing the "sandwich" and some red wine.

                      2. It is lovely stuff. I think it's a shame to cook it and lose the texture. I do like it in soup and with fish, but I also like it torn into salads, like baby spinach.

                        It also marries well with eggs for omelets or frittatas.

                        1. Try making pesto, and use walnuts instead of pine nuts. Very rich and concentrated.

                          1. Love it added to cold soups or wrapped around fish or mixed with spinach as a sauté

                            1. Sorrel soup - one of my favorite Spring and early summer meals!

                              1. One of the most famous recipes in France involves sorrel with salmon-from the kitchen of the Trois Gros. You should be able to find a recipe online. I have what's supposed to be the original recipe, this is pretty close:


                                1. Here's a list of interesting-looking recipes, including a Mark Bittman one for chicken with sorrel. I'll be making that one this week before my sorrel patch goes completely to seed.


                                  Plus - I almost forgot, I once added some wild (sheep) sorrel to potato salad and it was delicious. I imagine the same would be true of garden sorrel.