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May 20, 2013 09:08 AM

Italian Flag Cookies? (aka Seven Layer Cookies, Tricolor Cookies etc.)

Hi all. I was wondering whether anyone has seen these cookies in Philadelphia?

They were a staple at the italian bakeries in my midwestern city and an essential part of my childhood. I was really surprised and depressed to discover them missing in Italian cookie cases in Philadelphia. I've tried having them shipped, but they don't weather the experience well.

Any help in tracking them down would be really greatly appreciated!

Credit to Smitten Kitchen for the great photo.

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  1. They have a mediocre version of them at DiBruno's Rittenhouse location but they are not all that prevalent around town. Maybe Isgro's ight have them. I know that Termini's does not.

    Plenty of places to get them in New York though and I have some in my freezer from a trip up there not too long ago.

    1. In case you don't have any luck finding them, this recipie has turned out great results. A bit time consuming but so worth it!

      1. I walked in to the super fresh on Delaware Ave just north of Snyder and there was a huge display of them at the door! No idea if they are any good but it was funny!

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          I was desperate and got some from a Giant outside of town a while back. They were some bakery in Brooklyn and were pretty nasty.

        2. If you don't mind a drive Corropolese bakery makes an awesome one. They have a couple county locations.

          1. The Roma Bakery on Route 202 in Blue Bell (just west of where Rt 73 and Rt 202 intersect) is probably the finest Italian bakery in the eastern suburbs. Everything is made there and, although expensive, is very good. They call these cookies "RAINBOW COOKIES"