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May 20, 2013 07:14 AM

Has anyone here ever used ph10 pâtisserie by Pierre Herme?

Yes I do realize that its only published in French and does assume you have some prior knowledge. Im just asking since his books have a tendency to be poorly edited and I dont want to spend a lot of money on what would become a coffee table book. How was your experience with this book?

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  1. Hi Jennifer - I've baked from it a couple of times. The recipes all worked (I had to scale them down) but require some hard/expensive for the home cook to source ingredients.

    The Vanille Infiniments were AMAZING but required a special pectin - I subbed with some Pomona's pectin. They didn't look as nicely glazed as I'm sure his were but were still delicious.

    I also made the Azur for Mother's Day - no surprise it was also amazing.

    I had prepared some inverted puff pastry for another recipe but we had a power failure and never went back to revisit.

    You've now made me want to go back and make something else from that big book LOL.

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      Wow...those look great. I was afraid to buy this book because of the scarcity of reviews. That along with the fact that its only available in French made me hesitant. Almost chose the older La Patisserie de Pierre Hermé in English instead but it looks like its PH10 for me. You've inspired me to try the infinimente vanille tart. Lucky for me, i already know a place where I can get the pectin NH from and its only a subway ride away. (things like this make me happy to live in nyc) Anything else that i cant find, i'll probably source through the internet.