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May 20, 2013 06:59 AM

Delis/takeout sandwiches in Halfmoon/Clifton Park

Going to Halfmoon tomorrow and need to get takeout sandwiches - sick of Halfmoon Sandwich Shoppe so I am looking for somewhere else - any suggestions?


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  1. The last time you asked this ( ) you got some decent suggestions. Fred the Butcher makes great sandwiches from their own meats. There's also Roma's in Latham, not very far from Half Moon, an excellent Italian deli, if you don't know about it. But Fred the Butcher makes the best sandwiches in Half Moon.

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      Thanks for the new suggestion of Roma's in Latham - tried Fred the Butcher, Sorrentino's Deli and another place and did not really like any. I think I got the"Sub of the Week" at Sorrentino's and the cold cuts were cut so thick that I couldn't eat it. Could have just had bad luck with the person waiting on me. The problem is we always have our two dogs in the car so we end up eating quick in the car at a rest stop - can't go to any restaurants. I did not try Wheatfields yet - just wasn't sure about getting takeout there.

      I was googling trying to find an italian deli and was having a hard time so I appreciate your suggestion. I am there once a month but we never venture too far away from the Vet's office and the drive back home so I end up seeing the same places over and over and not really sure of what else is out there.

      1. re: jennbakes37

        I don't much care for Sorrentino's, myself, except as a convenient place to pick up a quart of milk--very nice people. But I do like Fred the Butcher, for all of their products, and grab a sandwich there any chance I get. But stopping at Roma's or stopping at any place in Half Moon is about the same for convenience, Roma's is just a few miles south. Sandwiches are famous there. I'm assuming you're coming from the south; if you're coming from the north a new Italian deli, a branch of Pellegrino's, will open pretty soon at the now-vacated (lamentably!) spot where Just Meats used to be, in Malta. But if you're coming from the south, Roma's is convenient, with easy parking.

        1. re: PSZaas

          Thanks! Yes, coming from the south - checked out the website and it is exactly what I am looking for - pregnant and cannot eat any cold cuts so I am hoping they have chicken cutlet LOL.

          Again, thanks for letting me know - I printed the address so we can go tomorrow!

          1. re: jennbakes37

            They make delicious chicken and eggplant cutlets; not sure whether they put them in sandwiches or not, but you're about to find out. Report back, will you? Lots of prepared foods, chef on premises. Excellent butcher shop, too, featuring natural meats.

    2. Went to Roma's on Tuesday and had a delicious grilled chicken panini - also picked up some chicken salad to go - yum! My parents got roast beef sandwiches and I got my husband a chicken cutlet and fresh mozzarella sandwich for the next day - he said it was ok. We have an amazing italian deli around us so it is hard to compete with that.

      I would definitely go there again - thanks again for the tip!