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Chicken Sausage, everywhere.

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In the last 6-9 months I've observed every major grocery chain in the area start selling various varieties of chicken sausage. Most pre-cooked, but some raw and usually an organic or so-called "natural" brand. Is everyone just riding a trend, or did someone figure out a way to turn what was previously waste into a saleable product, ala pink slime?

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    1. Don't know where you live but in the Chicago area chicken sausage has been a staple in most specialty stores for probably a decade. More for health reasons than trendiness. I'm pretty sure all stores still carry pork sausage for those with an aversion to chicken.

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      1. I love it because regular pork sausage is usually not doable for me, due to the calories in it, but I can use chicken sausage for half the calories.

        But yeah, I've been buying chicken sausage for years, both in CA and IL... not anything new there.

        1. I wasn't a fan of ground chicken but some of the interesting chicken sausage flavors really are tasty.

          I like this brand http://www.aidells.com/products

          1. probably because of the way beef prices have been going in the past little while

            1. I'm seeing more of them as well here in NE Ohio. The funny thing is I *like* turkey sausages a lot, but I'm not really crazy about any of the chicken sausages I've had at all.

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                Tom what turkey sausage do you buy? I find turkey sausage so dry.