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May 19, 2013 09:14 PM

Best restaurant north of Miami?

We live in NYC but are visiting in Delray. Where's a great meal? Willing to drive anywhere!!!

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  1. We recently had dinner at Brule Bistro in Delray and can highly recommend it. Creative, well executed dishes that are seasoned well and cooked beautifully. There is such a paucity of good restaurants in South Florida that when one comes along that is really good it is deserving of praise and should be supported. If you are willing to drive to Ft. Lauderdale, try Market 17 - very creative and unique menu.

    1. We enjoy 32 East right in Delray.

      1. Bulla for decadent Spanish Tapas
        Tom Jenkins for REAL BBQ(or Swine next to Bulla but its $$$)
        Calypso for Fresh Seafood/Caribbean
        El Jefe for Mexican Street food
        Marumi Sushi for awesome raw fish and seafood
        KiKo for more roll centric sushi
        Primanti Bros for one of the best sandwiches around

        1. It depends on the type of food you want. Chez Jean Pierre in Palm Beach is great. Buccan also in Palm Beach is very creative. The vibes are different. Chez Jean Pierre is old Palm Beach without being stuffy. Buccan is very hip and trendy with wonderful food. Tramonte in Delray is very good for southern Italian. Cucina d'Angelo is probably the best Italian restaurant in south Florida.

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            Where is cucina d'Angelo? I've asked this once before when you recommended it, but never got an answer. I love Casa D'Angelo in Boca, but when I google cucina D'Angelo, it shows up as a closed restaurant in Boca.

              1. re: Alfred G

                Thanks, Alfred. That is what I thought, but was thrown by the repeated recommendations for Cucina D'Angelo, which was a totally different restaurant that's been closed for some time. Both the Casa D'Angelo in Boca and Ft. Lauderdale are excellent and are run by the same people.

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