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May 19, 2013 08:35 PM

181 Bistro Brookline NH

I was looking for info on this place and a yelp post popped up.

No website, but there was one post. The info mentioned that it was open from 8:00am - 9:00pm. The post pretty much said good food for good prices.

I don't get over to that area much at all, has anyone driven by recently
and noticed any activity?

I may try and head over there by the end of the week if I remember.

All other search info seemed to be old info, or I just didn't check out enough hits.

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  1. Is that where Lucia's Tavola was? I ate there a couple years ago and enjoyed it.

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      Yes, Lucia's was sold. This is what I got from Chef mark:

      Lucia's Brookline will be reopening as "Bistro 181" with new chef George Plitsch - more casual, bistro inspired, TV and sports ... Opening Day May 1st

    2. Bistro 181 couldn't correct the original post.

      Decided to go by today and pick up a menu. Then when I showed the DH the menu he was willing to go try
      it. Small menu but enough choices for most.

      No website yet, so I asked if they would allow me to post their menu here. They do have a facebook page,but when I looked at it, there isn’t much info yet. Right now open 7 days a week from 11:00am-9:00, maybe adding breakfast on June 1st.

      STARTERS $3.50-$9.00
      Fries Idaho & Sweet potato
      Buttermilk-marinated fried calamari w/assorted peppers and Dijon sauce
      Roasted garlic and roasted red pepper w/homemade garlic croutons and veggies
      Country fried chicken tenders w/choice of spicy buffalo,honey mustartd or sweet thai chili sauce
      Lump crab cake w/aoli of capers and roasted garlic
      SALADS $7.00-$9.00
      Classic Caesar
      Fresh Pear,avocado and crab w/lemon vinaigrette
      Bistro chopped salad w/romaine,carrot,green and red pepper,cucumber,radish & chopped bacon
      Roasted fennel and carmelized fig served on a bed of roasted eggplant&zucchini w/balsamic dressing
      Boston bibb salad w/egg,roasted red pepper,grape tomomatoes & crumbled bacon topped w/goat cheese
      (all available w/grilled or fried chicken,scallops,shrimp,haddock or crab cake)
      BURGERS and SANWICHES $9.00-$11.00 served with shoestring fries and pickle(I think)
      Bistro cheesbuger
      Bistro bacon cheeseburger
      Cajun burger topped w/chipotle bbq blue cheese
      Fried or grilled chicken
      Marinated sliced pork tenderloin w/provolone,broccoli rabe,dipping au jus
      Lump crab cake w/remoulade,lettuce,tomato,red onion
      PLATES $16.00-$24.00 served with one side
      Lobster pie in sherry cream sauce
      Crab pie in sherry cream sauce
      Baked haddock filled w/our asparagus,red pepper and crabmeat stuffing
      Carmelized scallops w/meyer lemon risotto
      Boneless skinless chicken breast stuffed w/spinach,sundried tomatoes and artichokes in a marsala mushroom sauce
      Encrusted chicken breast coated w/candied cashews,panko and spicy cream sauce
      Rib-eye steak w/crispy onion and marinated Portobello
      Sirloin steak atop roasted sweet potato wedges
      Filet Mignon w/ancho chili sauce
      SIDES $5.00-$8.00
      Smashed Idaho potatoes
      Sweet potato fries
      Idaho fries
      Onion Crisps
      Fresh asparagus

      Full bar
      Draft beer Miller light, Sams Seasonal, Magic hat #9 ($2.75-$3.50)

      What we had- DH had the crab cake starter and the scallops with a Magic Hat
      I had a small salad and the stuffed chicken breast with 2 Miller lites
      Our total bill before tip was $60.77
      As I typed the menu, I realized my chicken didn’t have the marsala mushroom sauce!

      We were both pleased with what we had, and will return.
      I can’t believe I didn’t notice the missing sauce.

      Our server mentioned that they will change any dish if you’d like, but I didn't ask to have the sauce off, oh well.

      We got there just about 4:00pm and were the only customers, when I stopped by earlier at about 1:00-1:30 there was one table occupied.

      And no I don’t know the owner or server, just trying to pass on the info since there isn't a website

      1. Went there for dinner tonite-
        Had the spicy shrimp and buffalo chicken tenderloins for starters...lobster pie/asparagus and braised scallops/risotto for entree and chocolate/raspberry desert with glass of wine/draft beer - $56!

        everything cooked to perfection, plenty to eat with some left over to take home... waitstaff/chef create a warm welcoming atmosphere... not connected to former restaurant....

        we will be going back again.

        1. I ride up that way and am always looking for a good eating spot. There are a few mentions of 'not connected to former owner. type. Is that a good or bad thing?

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            We loved the former owner. The chef and his wife were great with our young boys. We would go early, so we were usually the only ones there for a bit. They'd chat up the kids and put cartoons on their laptop for them. Always a free scoop of gelato for the boys at the end.