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May 19, 2013 07:46 PM

Springfield, Oregon or anywhere up to an hour near by recommendations for restaurants desperately needed

Hi, Am going to stay in the Eugene/Springfield area for a few days and am desperate for recommendations for good(or decent or the best available) restaurants, both casual places(i.e. burgers, pizzas, breweries, etc) and nice places. Would really love any decent seafood recommendations. We would be willing to drive (say an hour in any direction). Right now the only good place I know of is Marche in Eugene, so would really appreciate any other ideas. I have searched all of the Eugene threads and have found very little current info, so any ideas would be VERY much appreciated. Thanks.

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  1. Rye, Agate Alley Laboratory, King Estate winery, Beppe & Gianni, Davis downtown, Excelsior, Dalia, the Humble Beagle.
    These are all mostly very good most all of the time. Lots of the TA reviews or Yelp reviews are off base or by sadly disgruntled folks. I have eaten at all of the above w/in the last year, sometimes more than once and have dined happily.
    There are others as well. Look up the Eugene Weekly and their quarterly Chow report.

    1. As only a regular visitor to Eugene, I have not eaten at most of the places suggested by Hmom. But I agree with Beppe & Gianni and the Bistro at the Excelsior is also good and less expensive than the main dining there.

      Everyone seems to have their favorites for the following, but these are mine.

      Cornucopia for BIG burgers and beer choices. Haven't eaten there in quite a while, though.

      Ninkasi beer made in Eugene. Microbrews through out the PNW.

      Kamitori Japanese Restaurant - more traditional sushi, haven't been there in a while but it was good (though if you're from anywhere urban, you may be disappointed in much of Oregon's Asian cuisine, except Thai).

      La Perla, pizza, owners of Beppe & Gianni's Trattoria.

      Newman's Fish - Informal. Fish & Chips on Willamette or F&C or grilled on Coburg.

      Sweet Basil, Thai.

      I don't think there's any need to drive far - you'll find plenty in the immediate area.
      Good luck, have fun.