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May 19, 2013 04:11 PM

Pho Banh Mi Che Cali coming to Pasadena?

So, I'm in Pasadena today, running errands and I see a draped sign across from Pasadena City College on Colorado "Pho Banh Mi Che Cali".

Really? Could it be? Please?

Does anyone know about this and, if it's true, when it might open?

P.S. I love Siagon Bakery and their bread but oh would this be mighty more convenient : )

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  1. I went in today and got a couple of banh mi and shrimp rolls to go. It has opened inside the Thai restaurant on Colorado, across from PCC. They gave me the wrong order (I think) - next time I go in I have to check their list again. There were some people ordering pho, but it was early - around 11:15am.

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    1. re: suvro

      Wrong order? Yikes, that doesn't sound very promising!

      How was the food?

    2. I went last week. They only had one page of Vietnamese food and the rest of the menu was Thai. Only 5 types of Pho: 1 combo, chicken, seafood, etc. No Pho Tai, specifically. Was done with my pho by the time my spring rolls arrived. Not overly impressed.

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      1. re: WildSwede

        I don't think any of the banh mi che cali locations are made to impress. They're mostly no frills shops/restaurants for cheap eats.

        1. re: blimpbinge

          Yeah, but it could at least taste good.

      2. BMCC, the Burger King of banh mi, if Lee's is McDonald's (and it is.).

        OTOH, they do have very fresh banh cuon at ridiculously cheap prices. This location is no better, no worse.

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        1. Tried the Banh Mi across from PCC this weekend, and came away unimpressed.

          Is this an actual Banh Mi Che Cali? It's completely different from the Banh Mi Che Cali on San Gabriel Blvd near Las Tunas, where I've been getting my banh mi fix recently. Every aspect of the sandwich (bread, meat, veggies, condiments) is better at the San Gabriel Blvd location.

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          1. re: BearCity

            BearCity, thanks for taking the bullet for us and conforming other chowders experiences.

            Yup, I think it's the same chain but clearly, nowhere near as good as the other locations.

            I'll stick with Siagon Bakery. And maybe teach myself how to pickle veggies so I can make my own!

            1. re: BearCity

              The one we've always gone to is on the street side of the building on Valley that houses 888, and it's been awfully good for how little the sandwiches cost, though it's been well over a year since last time. The baguettes they make in that amazing French machine are incredible when they're fresh, and go stale in maybe half an hour, which my French Connection (Mrs. O and her family) tells me makes them authentic! All I know is that the combo of pickled veges, headcheese ("meat loaf") and whatever else was on there cost me about $1.50 and made me wish I'd gotten two, even though this was dessert following a massive dim sum lunch!

              1. re: Will Owen

                Was it this place?

                One of the reviews said it was by *** Seafood.