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May 19, 2013 03:47 PM

Need Help Quick! Osso Bucco

405-ish and areas west, 10-ish and areas north. Ventura county is fine.

I am having a massive craving for traditional Milenese Osso Bucco and I really don't feel like spending 4+ hours cooking tonight. Any thoughts on restaurants with good Osso Bucco would be appreciated! (I want it for dinner tonight, if possible, but I will certainly be happy with a longer list of options for the future.)


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    1. re: lil mikey

      Matteo's is a good choice for Osso Bucco. On Westwood Blvd. Sunday night used to be a good night for celebrities.

      1. re: Baron

        Must have been Sundays in the mid-70s.

        1. re: BSW6490

          True dat. These days a celebrity sighting at Matteo's is highly unlikely.

          1. re: Ciao Bob

            Like I said "use to be a good night for celebrities."

            1. re: Ciao Bob

              I think I saw the actress who played Maryann on Gilligan's Island stumbling around out front a few weeks back when I drove by. Matteo's became a more expensive version of Olive Garden (no offense to Olive Garden), long ago.

      2. Il Forno Caldo in BH has it as a special often. May check Madeo, Peppone and Tanino as well.Cant vouch for any of them as I have not ordered in years but Madeo is one of the best Italian in town and Peppone is very good.

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        1. I don't know about the main dining room, but I go to the bar about once a week for happy hour. I live in the neighborhood and can walk there. I hadn't been for decades, and thought I'd try it. I have to say...the happy hour menu is terrific. They have a sole taco for $4 that is really fresh. (they call it an italian taco...not sure what italian about it. but it's too good to question.) A lovely small chopped salad for $7. A number of other dishes. Nice Italian wines for $5 a glass. (just two...a white and red. but the list is not bad.) The crowd in the dining room still skews older, but not necessarily the bar. It's a nice mix. They couldn't be nicer, and make a point to remember those who come in on a regular basis. I've become a fan. Happy hour is every night but Saturday and Monday (when they're closed).

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          1. re: perk

            What place are you writing about, perk?

            1. Viva la Pasta in Wood Ranch/Simi Valley. I have the Osso Bucco often. note-They have a restaurant in Moorpark but I have not been there yet. Great food and service.