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Need Help Quick! Osso Bucco

405-ish and areas west, 10-ish and areas north. Ventura county is fine.

I am having a massive craving for traditional Milenese Osso Bucco and I really don't feel like spending 4+ hours cooking tonight. Any thoughts on restaurants with good Osso Bucco would be appreciated! (I want it for dinner tonight, if possible, but I will certainly be happy with a longer list of options for the future.)


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    1. re: lil mikey

      Matteo's is a good choice for Osso Bucco. On Westwood Blvd. Sunday night used to be a good night for celebrities.

      1. re: Baron

        Must have been Sundays in the mid-70s.

        1. re: BSW6490

          True dat. These days a celebrity sighting at Matteo's is highly unlikely.

          1. re: Ciao Bob

            Like I said "use to be a good night for celebrities."

            1. re: Ciao Bob

              I think I saw the actress who played Maryann on Gilligan's Island stumbling around out front a few weeks back when I drove by. Matteo's became a more expensive version of Olive Garden (no offense to Olive Garden), long ago.

      2. Il Forno Caldo in BH has it as a special often. May check Madeo, Peppone and Tanino as well.Cant vouch for any of them as I have not ordered in years but Madeo is one of the best Italian in town and Peppone is very good.

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        1. I don't know about the main dining room, but I go to the bar about once a week for happy hour. I live in the neighborhood and can walk there. I hadn't been for decades, and thought I'd try it. I have to say...the happy hour menu is terrific. They have a sole taco for $4 that is really fresh. (they call it an italian taco...not sure what italian about it. but it's too good to question.) A lovely small chopped salad for $7. A number of other dishes. Nice Italian wines for $5 a glass. (just two...a white and red. but the list is not bad.) The crowd in the dining room still skews older, but not necessarily the bar. It's a nice mix. They couldn't be nicer, and make a point to remember those who come in on a regular basis. I've become a fan. Happy hour is every night but Saturday and Monday (when they're closed).

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          1. re: perk

            What place are you writing about, perk?

            1. Viva la Pasta in Wood Ranch/Simi Valley. I have the Osso Bucco often. note-They have a restaurant in Moorpark but I have not been there yet. Great food and service.


              1. Sorry. I should have been clearer. And sorry to scare you Thor....but it is Matteo. I know....I know....I WOULD have had the same reaction that you did. I hadn't been there in decades. But I moved to the neighborhood....walk by it all the time....saw the happy hour menu posted....and was looking for a place for an early dinner after a play at the Geffen. I was really surprised by the food on that little bar menu. It's not that it's cheap (though it is)....it's actually very good. And like I said, the crowd in the restaurant is older....but the bar crowd is mixed. You can hear yourself talk. Yes...Sinatra is playing in the background. But it's kind of retro and fun. Not a place that you'd go for a scene. But good, well-executed food for a snack where you'll be treated very well. I've told a lot of people about it...they didn't believe me....I've dragged them there....and they've really liked it and gone back. I know this is all subjective. But I eat at a lot of restaurants, am a pretty good cook myself, and I'm never disappointed there. Haven't eaten in the main dining room though.

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                1. re: perk

                  Good to know. Will try not to be such a snob and give it a try. Thanks for the info.

                  1. re: perk

                    I agree, sort of.
                    The oldest and youngest (grandparents and grandkids)members of my family live really close by and it is often easier to eat at Matteo's than anywhere else for birthdays etc. So I have been there 1/2 a dozen times over the last 1/2 a dozen years.
                    Serviceable food - probably over-priced for what it is (I do not get the happy hour deals perk writes about).

                  2. Thanks for the info about the main dining room. I've not been tempted to move over there. But I'll be anxious to hear what others think of the bar menu if they give it a try.