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May 19, 2013 02:45 PM

Asheville (West) - Isis

This seems to be sort of an "under the radar" spot more known as a music venue but have a nice dining room w/ large windows and outside seating as well.
Have been twice and really enjoyed both. They have "sliders of the day" and I've tried the duck confit, pork belly & fried green tomato w/ pancetta - all wonderfu. A kale salad w/ pickled red onions and cashews is very tasty as well. We were pleasantly surprised at how reasonable the food was and the time we went all 3 of us were pleased w/ our choices. We had 3 alcoholic beverage...a mussels app...kale salad...sliders and 2 entrees and bill (before tip) was just over $60.

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