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May 19, 2013 12:37 PM

Mind-blowing food experience

So I just learned about the Miracle Berry (, which has a protein that binds to the taste buds causing an altered effect where we taste sweet instead of sour. This totally blew my mind...must try this ASAP!

Are there any foods or items that are just mind-blowingly awesome that one must try?!?! What are your experiences?

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      I much prefer weed to coke with food, but, after dinner . . . .

    2. My most-mind-blowing food experience ever wasn't "what" but rather "when".

      After a very very long running race in hot and humid Texas, my SO met me at the finish. With a little container of ice-cold pineapple and melon. Best Thing I Ever Ate.

      Upon reflection I realized that I don't really get HUNGRY hungry enough. A little bit of deprivation can go a long way to making food taste better IMO.

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        Yes, this is so true. I often get quite and spend long hours working out and indeed some food you'd think was just mediocre can be mind-blowing if you're HUNGRY!

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          I had something similar happen after a long hike on a very to day. I don't usually drink soda but I had a really cold Pepsi and it was amazing. I think the sugar gave me a quick boost of energy.

        2. If you've not tried Szechuan peppercorns, they are a mildly citrusy spice that numbs the mouth and produces a sort of metallic, buzzy sensation when combined with hot chilies, something like tasting electricity.

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            Thank you for your suggestion, I will look or them next time I go to the Chinese market!

          2. This might seem underwhelming but Powdered Peanut Butter has blown my mind. It is so versatile and so good on everything from sliced banana to sprinkled in Greek yogurt.

            Levaine Bakery in NYC and Mrs. London in Saratoga Springs NY are the two most mind-blowing places I have eaten.