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May 19, 2013 10:06 AM

Mediterranean on Atlantic?

Is this dated newspaper article still accurate?

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  1. In what respect? All of the establishments that are mentioned are still opened. Sahadi's has expanded since the article and has about 1/3 more space now. Tripoli and Yemen Cafe are still solid choices, as is nearby Yemen Cuisine, Hardamout and Fatoosh. Waterfalls isn't mentioned, but I've found it's gone decently downhill since then, and there also used to be Fountain (which I thought had the best hummus) but is now the awkwardly named Mocha Hookah which I've had no interest in trying out.

    1. Mocha Hookah? They couldn't decide what hooks people most or what?

      Anyway, you've already answered my question--if we head over that way, it sounds like we're sure to find something yummy.


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        Strangely enough Mocha is the name of a popular franchised chain of coffee and hookah shops across India :

      2. The article covers the middle eastern options on that stretch of Atlantic. If you want to explore more Mediterranean options in the area, there is also some pretty good French and Italian.

        1. This report is still fairly accurate. The food is pretty good at Tripoli. They let me bring lots of wine with me the last time I went, but it was a pretty depressing vibe. Big place, pretty empty, looked on the verge fo closing. Musty. Appetizer plate was a good move. Dips are good. Tahini in one of my soups was too much. But! the food was pretty good.

          It seems like there was a bit of spill over in Middle Eastern goodness to Court St. Two restaurants with really good food opened and closed in the same locations: first Palmyra and then Levant. I think someone with a little more hipness needs to operate the FOH. The older locals I would see in Levant just were not enough to keep the place afloat, in spite of it's good food and nice garden. Darna Falafel is one of my standbys when I want a cheap vegetarian meal in the hood. As the name might suggest, get the Falafel. It's very good, not life changing. Nectar the juice place is next door, which is nice.

          Sahadi's is really fun, but kind of a pain because they close up shop by 7pm. Who on earth is done working before 7pm?Combine a trip to Sahadi's and a trip to Fish Tales on a Saturday for your cooking supplies, and you'll wonder why people do anything else.