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Great bakery in Westchester? Birthday cake!

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Looking to order a birthday cake for my husband.. Does anyone know of a bakery in Westchester that has a great vanilla bean cake? It's his favorite & I'm having a hard time! Thank you!

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  1. LuLu's in Scarsdale is always fabulous!

    1. Cornerstone bakery in rye has incredible vanilla cakes. Not sure it's vanilla bean, but its darn good. Not cheap, but worth it.

      1. Would help if you said where in Westchester, since I assume you don't want to travel from one end to the other.

        1. Don't know about vanilla bean, but Beascakes in Armonk has the best cakes!

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            Beascakes is amazing. I'd never been and stopped there last week. I just got a small chocolate chip crumb cake to taste and everything was so high quality. The little chips of chocolate had so much chocolate flavor. Great place!

          2. Not a common cake...Lulu probably would have it. Pricey place. If not La Tulipe might do it up in Mount Kisco?

            1. Thank you all so much for the responses! I am located around White Plains but I'm willing to travel anywhere in the Westchester/Bronx area! I looked on LuLu's website & saw they were very fancy & majority were fondant. I'm looking for more of a classic birthday cake, nothing too custom besides the vanilla bean. Anyone ever get cakes from Sal & Dom's in the bronx? Thanks again guys!

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                DC9672 did you read the cake menu or just look at the photos?

                Listed under classics:

                "vanilla on vanilla cake

                creme fraiche yellow cake frosted with vanilla bean buttercream."
                You can get any of the cakes listed undecorated in standard cake sizes.

                I think you were looking at their custom cake designs.

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                  I'm going to call them & see if they can make the cake vanilla bean besides the buttercream. Thank you!