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May 19, 2013 08:58 AM

Langeudoc Rousillion area combined with a visit to Cellar de Can Roca


Im starting to plan a trip to Langeudoc Rousillion combined with a visit to Can Roca in Girona. can you help me out with things to do in this area? Im interested in eveything gastronomy related; restaurants wine producers, cheese producers, markets, sea food etc etc.

We will have a car and maybe rent an apartment. I also want some advice as to where to live. We are thinking of travling in the mid of october. Truffle season?

Hope to hear from someone who knows this, I belive, beautiful area.


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  1. There are a couple of fairly recent threads on places in the Languedoc - but it would also help us if you were a bit more specific about whereabouts you would like to be - it is a large region, with everything from flat coastal plains, lagoons, vineyards, mountains, lakes and gorges.