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May 19, 2013 07:47 AM

Hawaiian Punch Light in LA?

I admit it: this question is embarrassing. I am overcome with shame just writing this. And yet, minor desperation drives me to do it anyway.

Sooo...we all have guilty pleasures. Right? Right?? I happen to like Hawaiian Punch, but I no longer consume high sugar drinks. There is a Hawaiian Punch Light with significantly reduced calories. It is not exactly the same taste as the original but it is close enough to quench my occasional craving.

Being new to LA, I haven't yet seen it here. I only ever saw it rarely before in other cities. Does anyone know stores in LA that sell the Light version? Westside or Valley preferred but anywhere would be good to know!

PS. Don't tell anyone I asked this.

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  1. If I was looking for it I'd call the big beverage stores and if they don't have it, I'd check Mexican supermarkets.

    1. I hear you! There was a 2L version of HP light that I used to get for years. Sadly, I haven't seen it on shelves for more than 3 years. it would seem to me that they don't offer it anymore. Makes me sad!

      1. Call the company. They are always great about helping you find the product in your area. Many supermarkets will also order it for you if it is available but not an item they stock in their shelves.

        1. Update: in case there is anyone else out there with the same shameful secret desire, I found the Hawaiian Punch Light at the Walmart in Torrance, the one at Normandie and 190th. (Yum!)