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May 19, 2013 07:02 AM

John's Lunch

Years ago I ate at this restaurant in Dartmouth and my interest was recently piqued when I heard their fish & chips were voted the best in the country. Well the hype has obviously spread like wildfire, on Thursday there was standing room only. The fries, well they're frozen not homemade. The fish looks good enough but alas the batter was only partially cooked and there is nothing worse than that. I happen to spy a lady nearby cutting open her piece of fish and the same thing but she seemed oblivious.

Back to The Battered Fish from now on, their fish is miraculous, simply unbelievably moist.

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  1. I too love The Battered Fish. We've never been disappointed, and I LOVE their signature sauce. It takes great restraint to eat there less often than we would like!

    1. John's is overrated

      myself I am devotee to Phil's
      used like Fries & Co but since ownership changed it is terrible

      I've yet to try it myself but have many that are devotee's to Freddies in Bayers Lake

      1. I've just started doing a "fish 'n' chips quest" for my blog, and John's was my first stop. I like the overall experience, but the fish itself was over-cooked, frozen fries, and packaged tartar sauce. The clams are pretty great though. My last stop was Willman's, and they did a great version. My next stops are Phil's and Battered Fish.

        1. was just in Halifax last week. Went to both John's and then Fredie's Fantastic 2 days later. My vote is for Fredie's. Their batter was lighter, and the pieces a little bigger... But both were great.
          The poutine was better at John's & the crowd was bigger there. Now I wish I'd known about the Battered Fish...

          1. The size of the fish pieces is definitely getting smaller at The Battered (& Shrinking) Fish.

            Went to Wilman's, the first time since remodelling (and new owner?) and was surprised at the turnaround for the better.