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May 19, 2013 06:32 AM

Bistro 7

With all the past talk about the lack of good restaurants in the burbs, I have to say that I will take plenty of them over Bistro 7 which, to me, was a huge disappointment. First the good: The service was forthcoming and friendly. That's it.

The owner (?) or maitre d' seemed to be making some rounds but never bothered with us.
Forgetting the loud noise and the bilious apple green walls, the person in the kitchen is not in line with my taste palate at all.
I am accustomed to a gazpacho soup looking kind of like a tomatoey affair with peppers, onions etc. in it. What I got was perhaps appealing to those who like the taste of sour cream mixed in with the soup, giving it a thick white dense base instead of the usual base you think of when ordering gazpacho, but I ended up giving it to my mate.
The bread, though a cut above in flavor, seemed more like a slice of regular white bread than French bread.
The chicken was tasty and the polenta was also good.
The dessert to me was a huge disappointment. I was looking forward to one of my faves -- rice pudding -- but this one, drizzled with a wee bit of caramel sauce, tasted like some kind of sticky rice from a Chinese restaurant -- bland and unappealing.
I guess it takes all tastes -- we're all different -- so to those who favor this place, enjoy -- for me, it's curtains.

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  1. Sorry you didn't enjoy Bistro 7. I've been there twice in the past year, with groups of ~8 and 14, and really enjoyed both visits.

    Both times we had the 10-course tasting menu for $65, which must be one of the better bargains in Philly dining. I wouldn't put it quite at the level of tasting menus at Blackfish, Bibou or Matyson, but I thought everything was excellent, with several unusual creative twists. The gnocchi in particular was perhaps the best I've ever had, so light they were in danger of floating away.

    We were seated upstairs, which was very quiet (the group of 14 had the whole room to ourselves), so I can't comment on the decibel level downstairs.