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May 19, 2013 06:12 AM

Recommended food tour?

Curious to know if anyone has taken one of these tours. We are thinking the biking one because it seems to be less of the fancy type places. Plus biking vs walking seems better. Thoughts?

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  1. Interesting question.

    There have been a few reviews in the past, or at least favorable mentions, of the Confederacy tours. Tastebuds doesn't sound very attractive to me although there is nothing bad in the food stops, although nothing that good either. That is a lot of money for mediocre lunch.

    Surprisingly I found the Foodie for a day interesting. It's nothing I can't do for much less cost, but the experience, particularly traveling and seeing things with the eyes of a dozen visitors, sounds like fun. The places visited are all OK. I'm assuming the cooking lesson is at New Orleans School of Cooking.

    1. it's hard to say because the sites dont say exactly where you stop and what you eat (except Tastebud Tours, which does. of those items i really enjoy Johnny's Poboys).

      youll probably really enjoy yourself whichever one you select.

      1. Hmm, not one of those sites lists guides by name or provides credentials. When I book specialty tours, that's the first thing I consider: is the guide an expert or merely an enthusiast?

        Check out Elizabeth Pearce's food & cocktail tours:

        1. I did a drinking tour with Confederacy of Cruisers last month and would highly recommend them for that - well organized, good pre-event communication, easy going tour. 5 drinks, 3 hours, some easy riding, good history of drinking in New Orleans by Lara, a local bartender/cocktail enthusiast.