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May 19, 2013 05:44 AM

Suggestions for a Non-Perishable Del-Mar-Va/DC Metro-Area Themed Food Gift Basket

I'll be visiting an old high school friend over Memorial Day weekend and would like to bring him some goodies from the Maryland/mid-Atlantic area, where we both grew up. He lives in Charlotte, NC, and I thought it'd be nice to bring some local items he might miss down South.

The caveat is, whatever I bring has to be non-perishable, as I'll be visiting him at the tail end of a road trip through Virginia and other parts of North Carolina. I'll be on the road starting Thursday night but won't reach Charlotte until Monday. I can't count on access to refrigerators, so this is probably going to end up being pantry items only.

The only local, nostalgic food I can think of at the moment are UTZ chips, but I'm sure there are more!

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  1. How about Crab-seasoned things. I know they sell crab seasoned potato chips and pretzels. There's also good canned crab soup. Or crab seasoned peanuts. Its not Maryland but there's always Dogfish Head Beer, quite a few varieties rarely make it out of Delaware/MD (I assume he's legal). Maryland you've got stuff like Berger's Cookies, or Otterbein's Bakery Cookies (available at Super G and Giants in DE). Maybe there's a regional soda? A bit further north and it would be PA Dutch Root Beer/Sasparilla. Tastycakes are off the table for a bit longer I'm afraid.