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May 19, 2013 01:19 AM

chauffeured wine tours Burgundy

Hi there
On the reccy's of here and trip advisor, when were went to Reims last year we went on a vineyard tour booked with Cris Events and it was fantatic.
I am now looking for some ideas about good value wine tours in the Burgundy region for my mum who is going on holiday in a couple of weeks.

Three of them are going and they are hiring a car, but they would like some sort of chauffeured trip - not too expensive, so if it was a mini bus or a tour they were sharing with other people then that would be ideal. They are staying in a tiny hamlet called Normier which is about 50 mins on the A6 north West of Beaune and around a similar time West from Dijon.

Does anyone know of any good tour companies that would fit the bill..?


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  1. I haven't taken one of her tours, but this lady is very nice and I think would do an awesome job:

    1. You can also try A cour de vin just outside of Chablis. Eric Szablowski is a former cellarmaster at William Fevre. He knows his wines and he knows many of the best producers in the Chablis area. I was very pleased spending a day with him. He arranged tastings at all of my favourite producers.

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        Thanks for both the recommenations. i will pass them onto my mum and let you know what she goes with!!



      2. The BIVB, based in Beaune, has all sorts of guided tours of Burgundy. Their prices are quite reasonable. I recommend them - have used them in my tours.

        1. You can find lots of great info on this website: . There's a list of everything you can do around Dijon.
          When my parents came to see me, we did a tour with Wine & Voyages. We were impressed by the guide's english and the wines tasted! I know that there are other companies, but I haven't tried them so I couldn't say.
          Hope you find a nice tour!