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May 19, 2013 12:32 AM

Pepper Mill vs Salt Mill- What's the Difference?

I saw a Cole & Mason Derwent Salt Mill on sale, but I mainly use kosher salt so I don't really need a salt mill. But, I could always upgrade to a better pepper mill.

Are a salt mill and pepper mill interchangeable? I'm looking at the pictures of the Cole & Mason Derwent set of pepper and salt mills, and they identical to me like they're the same except one mill has salt in it and the other mill has pepper in it.

If I bought this salt mill, would there be any issues if I used it to grind pepper instead of salt?

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  1. Don't know how well the salt mill would work for pepper, but just FYI, the salt mill uses a ceramic grinding mechanism (to prevent corrosion from the salt), while the pepper mill uses a carbon steel mechanism.

    1. <Are a salt mill and pepper mill interchangeable?>

      Not really, or I should say that not by today's standard. The main difference is in the grinder. Table salt can corrode/oxidize steel and stainless steel. This is why many salt mills use ceramic grinders instead of steel grinders. Let's just use your Cole and Mason Derwent as an example:

      "The salt mill has a diamond sharp ceramic mechanism."

      Specially for your Cole & Mason Derwent case, the pepper mill has 6 settings, while as the salt mill has only 3 settings. You can buy the salt mill for peppercorns, but beware of these differences.

      1. Yes, you can use a salt mill to grind pepper, but you don't want to use a pepper mill to grind salt. As the others have mentioned, the difference is that the salt mill has ceramic burrs to avoid corrosion.

        FWIW, I have two salt mills (a Bisetti & a Typhoon) & both are 'infinitely adjustable', just like my (Peugeot) pepper mill. I found both, at different times, at Marshall's.