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May 18, 2013 08:48 PM

Looking for special Chinese recipe

I've just returned to Toronto from a business trip in Harbin. I had this salad that I loved - I'd really like a recipe.

The dish is:


Thanks in advance!

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  1. Did a copy and paste in Bing got 36,000 hits, so it must be good, although all were in Chinese

    took the first one and hit "translate".here's what I got

    Bing will handle the characters........assume Google will too

    1. What is so special about it? I read the recipes and it's a simple mixed salad with a vinegrette dressing. Cut up onion, green pepper, Napa cabbage, tomato. Dressing is oil (I'd use olive oil, and sesame oil), vinegar, salt, sugar, garlic. The white sesame on top when served.

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        It's also full of these amazing tofu strings (the kind they often have in hotpot) as well as lots of sesame oil, some clear noodles. Really nice.

        1. re: YYZSolly

          Here is a basic recipe for that sort of salad

          The Pressed Tofu Sheets are what you are looking for not to be confused with Tofu Skin.

            1. re: YYZSolly

              I do not know if you had the Szechuan version but it is really good. IMO adds a lot of complexity to this very simple dish.