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May 18, 2013 08:34 PM

Sushi dilemma

Planning for one sushi lunch (preferably ) in november,
wanted to know a few things

- miyako sushi (do they do they same style of tamagoyaki as jiro/mizutani/harutaka?


- sushi saito , ( been before, so i might want to try other places, any reason to return?? i like the sushi here and atmosphere, tsumami , aji, uni kuruma ebi were very memorable )

- harutaka ( read reviews that sushi is not as good as saito , thou i might want to try because i would like to focus on jiro style sushi on this trip. )

- mizutani ( tamagoyaki was the best i have tried, sushi rice was good, but i didnt quite like the atmosphere )

-yoshitake ( what kind of tamagoyaki? this restaurant is also another kyubey trained?)

anybody care to comment on the above list only???
looking at places below 20000yen each,if possible below 18000yen ea for lunch

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. In fact, it is pretty easy to answer your dilemma if between these sushi-yasan only :
      -sushi Mizutani is open for lunch, lunch at 18000yens
      -sushi Saito, is also open at lunch, still impossible to book.
      -Miyako sushi is open for lunch only on Sundays , and the set is at 13,000yens. It used to be more than 6 weeks queue, it is more difficult than ever, you can give a try if you are accompanied by someone who speaks Japanese fluently.
      The omelet are all 'soufflé' like, and if you have not tried it yet, I recommend you sushi Iwa, open at lunch and below your range price !
      Chef Yoshitake-san has done research on recipes with Yamamoto-san of Ryugin, and it seems to know also Harutaka-san.. didn't heard about Kyubei.

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      1. re: Ninisix

        @Ninisix -- do you have an opinion on the sashimi at mizutani? I was quoted ¥18,000(Sushi only), ¥30,000(With Sashimi)


        1. re: Dustin_E

          I didn't tried sushi Miizutani at dinner. Looking on the net, you have the choice between the nigiri set around 24000 or the full set at 30000yens, but in my opinion Harutaka is more friendly, so I recommend it if very late at night, like around 22:00

          1. re: Ninisix

            michelin lists harutaka as having last order at midnight. do you know if it is often (or ever) possible to book last minute -- like call at 11pm for a reservation at 11:30pm?

            not sure what time i'll clear customs and make it back to my hotel, but thought harutaka could be a good late-night choice if i made it to the hotel reasonable early.

            1. re: Dustin_E

              Yes, it used to be possible to book at sushi Harutaka on the same day, at least for extreme hours like 23:00. Just ask your hotel to check again, it will be fun !!

        2. re: Ninisix

          Thanks for your response, now i might be changing my sights to hashiguchi , seldom hear from chowhounders here

          1. re: Lucil

            Well sushi Hashiguchi is on the top tabelog, but, I have to say, I usually do not look at Tabelog except for reading the review. I did not tried it, and even as I talk often about sushi with fan, I never heard of first preference being sushi Hashiguchi. 3rd place, yes, but never first.

            1. re: Ninisix

              I ate at hashiguchi a couple of weeks ago for dinner. his sashimi was outstanding. for his nigiri, i would say that his neta was great as well. the texture of his shari is very nice, but depending on your taste, you may find it blander in flavor than the jiro or kanesaka schools - he's not as heavy on the vinegar. overall an excellent meal which i'd highly recommend.

              1. re: sg_foodie

                I found the personality at hashiguchi quite bland too ;)

          2. re: Ninisix

            I read that Sushi Iwa is no longer - chef Iwa left and the owner is different. And the name changed to Sushiya. Is this true? I had a Japanese friend book lunch for me using the number on the Michelin guide site (Address8-5-25 Ginza, Chuo-ku URL TEL 03-3572-0955). Now I'm not sure where I'm actually eating. Could you help clarify, Ninisix? Thank you

            1. re: mentoz

              Sushi-ya is on the old location of sushi Iwa, it moved in August 2012, the phone number is 03-3572-0955., Now it is located in the old location of the kaiseki 3 stars Kouju in Ginza. Kouju changed location to be on the same building than Okuda Ginza.

            2. re: Ninisix

              sidetrack from main topic - what kind of dishes are on the a la carte menu at ryugin??? what is the estimated cost of each dish?? claims to have 50 over dishes.... sounds interesting

              1. re: Lucil

                Yes, for kaiseki Ryugin a la carte, there is some conditions. You have to book on the same day for a dinner from 21:00 to 22:30 last order. The first price is at 2000yens, choice is including the menu list plates, plus others.. In reading one review on Tabelog, a client ordered a room service and the 'hamo(conger pike)' rice costed 8200yens for a big portion... If you are 2, you can share, in Japan, this is very common. And you can order 2-3 sides like a 'hassun(assortment of different seasonal/sashimi)', and 'owan(bowl, ragout' for each.

                1. re: Ninisix

                  Thanks.. just curious, what is your choice of drink for sushi?? alcohol and non alcohol

                  1. re: Lucil

                    Usually I don't drink alcohol with sushi, I want to enjoy sushi as much as possible. Not drinking gives you a good opportunity to understand if the 'katsuo(bonito)', for example, has some dash savor. It is well perceived and cheaper... I ask sometimes to finish with strong bitter over brewed green tea, it is not matcha, but condensed green tea and is a good way of ending a meal with something strong.

                    1. re: Ninisix

                      i may go with sukiyabashi jiro ginza alone, any problems with a friend in japan helping me to make reservation instead of the hotel concierge?

                      also i will choose another sushi place for with my travelling mate(first time eating good sushi, that's why im thinking of doing jiro alone) .. how is the sushi from sushi saito compared with sushi sho(yotsuya), i think the tsumami(ankimo and the cooked octopus tentacles with sauce) and few pieces of sushi like aji/uni/kuruma ebi(ebi miso on the head?) from saito impressed when i think in retrospect .. so i might like sushi sho?

                      both seems to be similar in style "kyubei" ??
                      because i remembered the sushi rice is less vinegar taste, but i think i prefer more vinegar taste or stronger taste rice and maybe more firm mizutani..
                      also which would be better choice, sushi saito, daisan harumi or sushi sho ... sawada seems too expensive


                      1. re: Lucil

                        I usually go alone at Sushi Sukiyabashi Jiro Ginza.. It will be better to make your reservation by the concierge.. I made a reservation at Sushi Matsunami this week, this one was recommended by me by a 'Jiro' fan.. Firm shari, and a preference for good classic nigiri, simple sashimi, take a look at the photos of this blog (the 'uni'!!):
                        Sushi Sho, well.. even sushi Kakutou, the sushi-yasan opened by Okuda-San change the 'Shari' between nigiri pieces as sushi Sho does, still far from it. Sushi Sho, yes, the chef Nakazawa is friendly, and the omakase is very very impressive, .. 2 different 'shari(rice)' red vinegar/white, and alternance of nigiri/sashimi(tsumami), it works well with alcohol, but not a place IMHO to go for the 'nigiri'.. but if you want to try this style, the best one is sushi sho at Yotsuya..

            3. The original comment has been removed