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May 18, 2013 07:06 PM

Tacos y Pupusas Dona Sofia - Framingham

I went here last night, and had some unbelievable chorizo tacos, pupusas with cheese and loroco, and a large fried whole fish. They were out of tongue, and I forgot to ask if they had cabeza. I went back today and got a chorizo burrito, quite good. They also have interesting fruit based milkshakey drinks that I should have ordered. I also saw chicharron - anyone had this there, and was it the pork rind variety?

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  1. Is this the one on 126 or 135? I've eaten at the latter a few times and really liked it.

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      135 - I've heard the 126 one is bigger.

    2. Even in Mexico there are several types and ways of making chicharron. Salvadoran chicharron will be fried pork including the rind, but with meat on it. Very basically seasoned and fried (salt, pepper, adobe seasoning). Compared to others Columbian locally Salvadoran is usually thinner and not as many places get the skin right, but both done "to order" (possibly pre-cooked and fried). Dominican and Puerto Rican chicharron is made in larger pieces, cut to order (like at Chinese BBQ places). In some Central American restaurants you get something closer to carnitas as chicharron, but not usually Salvadoran. If they do have chicharron pupusas, the filling will be chopped pork (sort of like chicharron prensado in Mexico)and possibly made with something like shoulder, but no stewed pork rinds like Mexican tacos either.

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        Thanks - I may have to sample this there. Reminds me that there's another place in Framingham that I'm guessing has it called La Casa del Chicharron, that I must also try.

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          I just looked at their Facebook. They have Chicharon de Polo. How good does that sound?

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            Thanks nsenada for the heads-up about La Casa del Chicharron. I don't get to Framingham that much these days, so might not have found out about it otherwise.

            trufflehound the chicharron de pollo suggests that its Dominican or Puerto Rican. And I think hounds overlook that dish far too often. It can be more consistent than chicharron de cerdo (and pernil) at your average steamtable Caribbean restaurant. Its just crunchy fried pieces of chicken, with skin, with or w/o bone (con heuso). Generally chopped up pieces of thigh meat, seasoned, and dredged in some flour. So its not exactly the same as gribenes. At Brazilian places which do bar plates, "frango a passarinho" is a similar theme, but not always with skin and its properly served with browned garlic slices on top.

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              i thought it was jsut skin and with some meat and bone still sounds great.

      2. Finally made it to the new location at 40 Concord Street. Delicious as ever, chorizo tacos were so good. I don't know what their spice blend is but I could eat a hundred of them. Cheese pupusas were even better than I remembered them. The place was almost empty at 7:30 on a Saturday, which was a little concerning. Hopefully they do a good lunch business.