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May 18, 2013 06:22 PM

Angora Cafe & Turkish sausage pizza. Who else offers this?

In Packards Corner (Allston) there's a very average looking pizza/sandwich joint called Angora Cafe which actually has delicious pizza and offers Turkish sausage as a topping. This sausage is so good and very different than typical pizza sausage. It's hard to describe but it's very dense, tangy and game-y tasting in my opinion. They call it "sucuk" but apparently it can also be spelled "sujuk" or "soudjouk". I've moved out of that neighborhood and I'm curious who else offers this as a pizza topping?

If you're in that area and haven't tried Angora's pizza, I recommend it. It's more Greek-style crust than Italian which normally I don't dig but the crust is so good. Normally I just ditch the crust on Greek pizza but Angora's is doughy and delicious. And the cheese is a really nice tangy blend with what I think is more sharp cheddar than usual. Tip: Getting a slice from under the heat lamp isn't as good has ordering a whole freshly made pie.

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