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May 18, 2013 05:52 PM

Good Restaurants in montreal/quebec city that will agree to allow stroller with sleeping infant

Hi all,

My husband and I are going to Montreal and Quebec City in a few weeks with our 5 month old baby. He is a pretty quiet baby and we frequently take him to elegant restaurants in NYC where he sleeps in the stroller near the table. We usually try to go early or off hours in order to be considerate.

Anyone know any recommended/high end restaurants in montreal/quebec that would not mind us bringing our baby? I have reserved tables at Bonaparte & L'Express. Any thoughts? Other suggestions in both Montreal and Quebec?

Thanks much!

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  1. If the baby is sleeping in it, I am guessing this is a big stroller not a small one. Do not take it to a restaurent without calling and asking first. Most places do not have enough space to accommodate you. Also, you do not mention how you are travelling but keep in mind that most metro stations are not stroller accessible. You might have to carry the stroller and baby up and down stairs to get in and out of the station, so pack accordingly.

    Take a look at the inside of l'Express:

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    1. re: hala

      Thanks for replying. The stroller is actually not a big one -- it is just the stroller without a bassinet or car-seat attached, so it does not take a lot of space.

    2. My only hesitation might be that L'Express has a lot of tile and glass which means the acoustics can be noisy so I wouldn't necessarily count on the sleeping. That said, I never encountered any problems bringing sleeping babies early at places in the city. If the weather is nice it might be fun to go somewhere with an outdoor terrace. The only place where I know children are unwelcome is Garde-Manger, something to do with restrictions with their liquor licence.

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        I have brought sleeping kids to a lot of places, but not in a stroller. There is rarely enough place for a stroller and anything bigger than an umbrella stroller is definitely too big.

        The louder it is, the quicker infants fall asleep but at 5 months, my kids were bothered by noise. Also, I would be worried about hearing damage at some places.

        I agree with you that a terrace might be best if they need to bring the stroller along.

        1. re: hala

          Just to be clear, I am not saying that you should leave your stroller at home. I am only reminding you that strollers can complicate things and commenting that Montreal is not particularly stroller friendly. I think it is best if you call each place you are planning to visit and ask them if a stroller is appropriate.

      2. I've taken my stroller to a lot of different restaurants and they've always been accommodating (as long as there's enough space and the restaurant is not too busy). I do favour brunch since my kid usually sleep at the beginning of the afternoon.

        Off the top of my head I remember going to Pastaga, Maison Publique, Le Comptoir, Trip de bouffe, KanBai, Frites Alors, Lallouz, Galanga...

        Good restaurants for "family" are also Grumman and Burger de ville.

        1. Most restaurants will accommodate a small stroller, if you let them know in advance (something I have done in the past is to reserve a table for 3, so there is enough room for the stroller instead of the extra chair, but at a higher-end restaurant, I would call to let them know, and they will find you a table that would be suitable with room for the stroller). And if your child sleeps well, I wouldn't worry about the noise level at any of these places - it's not like you're taking the baby to a nightclub...

          No idea why you've picked Bonaparte, of all the choices in this city, but...

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          1. re: cherylmtl

            It seems like the nicest walking-distance place to our hotel (Place de Armes) and we will be getting to Montreal in the afternoon. So for an early dinner we didn't want to schlep very far.

            Didn't think about reserving a table for 3.. good idea. But I will definitely call in advance. Thanks so much for all the advice/info!!

            1. re: Chloeloe

              Just a note that Chinatown is right at Place d'Armes and very stroller friendly, although it might not be what you're looking for in terms of an elegant meal. Lots of good food there and you wouldn't have to rush to do an early dinner.

              1. re: Plateaumaman

                Agreed with this one. Head to Cristal Chinois. They will have no problem accommodating you, the food is delicious and it is a nice place to go out.

            2. re: cherylmtl

              As Cherly suggests, calling ahead is a good idea, especially if you need a reservation. As suggested, reserve for 3 and you shouldn't have a "space" issue.

              Contrary to what Hala believes, from my experience, a kid in a stroller is usually no object. There are not a lot of places I wouldn't go too with a stroller in Montreal. On top of my head, I'd say Toqué, Nuances. But I would go to Chasse & Pêche, Pied de cochon and others. Actually been to JUN-I and it wasn't a problem. Most of my restaurant expeditions with kids have been out of the city. As

              For an early (baby awake) or late (asleep for the "night") dinner, I wouldnt be bothered. Reservations from 6h30 to 9 might be a little more difficult to manage. Restaurateurs are usually more than happy to see a family come in at 5h30 to kick-off their evening, knowing that they usually dont linger that long and that they can turn the table and honor a reservation at the more prime hour of 7 or 7h30.

              If the little one gets cranky, he's usually either hungry or asleep. Mommy or the bottle fixes the first, and daddy can get out for a little stroller walk to help him get to sleep if needed, so the both of you can enjoy your meal.

              1. re: sir_jiffy

                Agree with the comments so far, at most places a child in a stroller won't be an issue before 9pm or so. Obviously the day and time will make a bit of a difference: Thursdays and Fridays you'll find lots of people congregating for post-work drinks (Cinq à sept as it's known here), so the trendier places, or the places that are more bar-focused with smaller menus will tend to start getting full by 5.30/6pm, and could be quite loud.
                My recommendations would be Resto Biarritz: a straight shot by cab or bus up St. Laurent, definitely kid- and stroller-friendly (I've seen both in there on several occasions), and very accomodating staff. Also La Sala Rosa on St. Laurent, just a few doors away from Biarritz, Steak Frites St. Paul in Old Montreal, Vallier on McGill, Aziatik also on McGill near de la Commune (huge space, lots of banquette booths and corner tables for 2-3 ppl). Those last few places are all walkable from the Place d'Armes area on a nice evening).