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May 18, 2013 05:49 PM

Japan Festival 2013 is tomorrow. Any stand-out food booths?

Japan Festival 2013 is at City Hall Plaza tomorrow (5/19). At the link below is a list of all the food booths. Anyone recognize any of them as being exceptionally good and/or otherwise hard to come by any other time of year?

For example, there are a couple of ramen restaurants listed -- Nikko and Butan-Chu -- which aren't Boston restaurants as far as I can tell.

(Last year I went and it was so packed that the food lines looked hours long so I didn't get any food. But this year the venue is bigger so I'm hoping that will help.)

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  1. It didn't help. The lines were ridiculous and trying to get any food at all was just impossible. I wanted to try a "petit Okonomiyaki", and I was told it was a 2 hour wait, come back later.

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      Man, even knowing how hard they got slammed last year, to expand and have it happen again? Shows you there is some pent up demand. Glad I stayed away (although Touch-a-Truck with the toddler in Woburn wasn't much better)..

    2. We went early as we knew how bad it was last year.

      We had the okonomiyaki and it was very tasty. However, they told me 15 minutes and the wait was about 45 minutes.

      We also had the raman from Butan-Chu and the pork they serve - VERY DELICIOUS. The noodles and sauce were also very good.

      After eating those 2 items - the lines were long. We then looked and found 2 lines that were not long. We go a "Japanese Hot Dog" and some seaweed and noodles - fair at best.

      1. I went early (10:30) and tried Yaki udon from a place that only had Japanese writing (next to the mini-okonomiyaki place) and cold fried chicken pieces (kari age) from the Saganaki booth. Both were fine but as usual with festival food not as good as the anticipation. I didn't venture into the lines at 12, which looked ginormous.