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May 18, 2013 05:45 PM

LA West Side Pizza Scene brightens

Amen, Brentwood and the Palisades are now safe for pizza lovers. when i moved to the area 3 years ago, i watched a new pizzeria open in walking distance from my lair, only to discover possibly the worst pizza id ever have...i wont name names, but this person should be forced to renounce his Italian bona fides...ugh...but now things are better.
In Pac Pal, Piccolo Ritrovo is serving up traditional Neopolitan pies made in a Napoli-made oven. Last week I had a burrata pizza. Simple and delicious. Generously sauced, a hint of naturally, fruity sweetness and a very fresh and creamy burrata from local cheeser, DiStefano. The plentiful burrata, a nice dollop on each slice, slowly melted into a sublime blend with the sauce. The crust was perfect, slightly charred with the right balance of a hint of crisp in an otherwise perfectly chewy crust. A bit pricey, but I aint quibbling. A 12 " burrata pie was $15, i believe. Well worth it.
I was kinda stunned. The pie reminded me of the thousand or so pies Id eaten, I'd devoured, at Antica in MDR over a 10 year period. And I learned later that was no coincidence. Peppe Miele and the American VPN school of which he is the President, trained Ritrovo's pizzaioli...Ritrovo's quality and authenticity regarding the pizza is enhanced by their consultant, an old friend whom i was surprised and not so surprised to meet there, Mario Vollera, who was maitre d' at Antica and is consulting at Ritrovo. Vollera has made quite a stir recently with "pop ups" he's recently done around LA such as AOC and Barbershop....he passed on more good news to me too which i'll confirm soon, regarding the future of pizza on this side of town...before i went to Ritrovo i read some unflattering reviews on some site, Yelp or LA Eater. My experience was flawless. BTW, free valet parking!

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  1. Let's give the original credit for bringing this place to the LA board attention where it's due, to Dirtyextraolives in her very nice report here back on January 14 of this year.

    But good to know it's still turning out high level pies in the Neapolitan style...

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      Thank you, my friend! I am happy to see someone of lapizzamaven's cred agree with my original assessment of the place. It dos indeed do a stellar job with pizza, both Neapolitan style and NY style.... And their pastas are delicious too.....