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May 18, 2013 04:48 PM

Local Detroit Recommendations

I'll be on a business trip to Detroit in June...Any suggestions on great local places to eat in a comfortable and fun atmosphere? Thank you.

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  1. Slows BBQ, Giovanni's, El Barzon in Detroit
    Polish Village Cafe in Hamtramck
    There are a lot more recommendations outside Detroit as well, if you are interested

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      1. Where are you staying?
        What is your budget?
        Will you have a car?

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        1. re: rainsux

          We're staying at the Court Yard Marriot on East Jefferson and yes, we will have a car. I'm looking for something where the locals enjoy. Not expensive, but good, classic Detroit grub! (LOL) Thanks.

          1. re: Brooklynite

            Markcron's suggestions above are solid, although I'd think Brooklyn has dozens of places like Giovanni's. I would head out to Dearborn and eat Middle Eastern food at La PIta (only one with alcohol), Al-Ameer, Cedarland, others. Michigan is the main drag, but Warren Ave. E of the Southfield Fwy. is the real heart of the Arab community.

            If you want a downtown bar close to your hotel, I like Sweetwater. Good wings (one variety, not 20 varieties), and a reasonable cross-section of the people who pass through downtown Detroit. Foran's/Grand Trunk on Woodward is also a popular gathering place with a good selection of Michigan beers—probably the most exciting culinary development in our state in recent years.

            The coney island hot dog was arguably invented at the two hot dog places on Michigan Ave. just west of Woodward. Enjoy!

        2. Definitly check out Slows BBQ. El Barzon is also a good rec (great margaritas). You might also enjoy Roast and Supino Pizza.

          1. Great List Try Mine You'll LOVE them ALL

            REUBEN @ Hygrade Deli Detroit

            WINGS @ Sweetwater Tavern Detroit

            Weezie Burger @ Weezie's Dearborn

            Pozole @ Los Alto's Detroit

            Double Cheeseburger @ Motz Detroit

            Pizza Bread Beef Burger @ Vince's Detroit

            Chicken Breasts @ Pollo Chapin Detroit

            Sliders @ Green Dot Stables Detroit

            Breakfast @ Johnny's Ham King Detroit

            Coney Dogs @ Duly's Detroit