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May 18, 2013 03:35 PM

Chef Michael White's Costata - really enjoyed

I went to Costata last night and really enjoyed the dinner. The fatty tuna and red prawn crudos were really phenomenal. Even better than those at Marea, IMHO. Both the rich, well-aged toro with sea salt, and ultra fresh, sweet red prawns with lime scent and olive oil, blew me away.

40-day dry aged bone-in sirloin was full of flavors and tasty.

Even the dessert I had, 'gelato alla meringa', was really good with baked meringue, rhubarb sorbet, strwaberry gelato, and ladyfinger cake. Not overly sweet, just perfect!

The Fourth at Hyatt Union Square was decent, and Betony was really impressive, but among the newly-opened places that I have tried so far, Costata was the best for me. (And the most expensive too, lol)

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    1. What butter did you choose for your steak? The black truffle butter on the menu sounds good.

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      1. Thanks a lot for the report! Do you happen to know where they're getting their prawns from? I know people who avoid all shrimps nowadays because they won't eat either farmed shrimp or Gulf shrimp, for health reasons. I remember, I believe it was Kyo Ya telling us they were getting shrimps from North Carolina.

        1. So did I! An excellent meal had by all -we ate at the bar and were perfectly comfortable. It is located on the 2nd floor of the restaurant ajacent to a beautiful dining room with the perfect atmosphere for dining-nice background music and perfect for conversation. They have another dining room on first floor as well as private dining spaces on third floor. On to the grinds. Started off with a well executed Makers Mark Manhattan which they prepare in their signature huge iced glass decanters. Kinda makes it special with all the fuss and care for what some would consider just a drink. Anyway my other company enjoyed their Gord gin negronis as well.
          Apps included Kumamoto and Kushhi oysters served in the traditional mignonette sauce which wasnt necessary since the oysters were delicious all by themselves. The sea scallops drizzled with olive oil and black truffles were absolutely da bomb!!! It was only slightly matched by the red prawn crudo which was so fresh and had the perfect texture for a crudo dish. The cocktail lobster woke up your palate with a zesty slightly peppery sauce-perhaps it was roasted peppers? The was followed by a marrow panzaella which at first glance in the menu, I was hesitant to try but turned out to be one of my favoes. Pastas we tried included Casarecci, Cavatelli, spagghetti (putanessca) and riggotoni-all of which had the most amazing sauces and cooked perfectly. I can go into details about each dish cause by this time were were half done w a magnum og Colpetrone 07 wine which paired perfectly with all the dishes especially since we ordered the "Tomahawk" bone in rib eye for main course. I just had a slice of the steak but devoured the giant bone while my friends looked on in envy. A torta and tartaletta (like chocolate pudding w hazelnuts in pie crust) did not fail to be enjoyed by all. I'm not doing the dessert description any justice cause I'm just a country hick w composition/writing skills. We rounded our light bite w expresso and sambuca then off into the night. Give them a try-u will love!!! Perfect for those seeking fine dining in a civilized surrounding.

          1. Any more pasta musts? Except for my old favorite Fiamma garganelli, gotta have that one. Why did they ever close Fiamma anyway?
            Going tonight, couldn't wait

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