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Chef Michael White's Costata - really enjoyed

I went to Costata last night and really enjoyed the dinner. The fatty tuna and red prawn crudos were really phenomenal. Even better than those at Marea, IMHO. Both the rich, well-aged toro with sea salt, and ultra fresh, sweet red prawns with lime scent and olive oil, blew me away.

40-day dry aged bone-in sirloin was full of flavors and tasty.

Even the dessert I had, 'gelato alla meringa', was really good with baked meringue, rhubarb sorbet, strwaberry gelato, and ladyfinger cake. Not overly sweet, just perfect!

The Fourth at Hyatt Union Square was decent, and Betony was really impressive, but among the newly-opened places that I have tried so far, Costata was the best for me. (And the most expensive too, lol)

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    1. What butter did you choose for your steak? The black truffle butter on the menu sounds good.

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      1. Thanks a lot for the report! Do you happen to know where they're getting their prawns from? I know people who avoid all shrimps nowadays because they won't eat either farmed shrimp or Gulf shrimp, for health reasons. I remember, I believe it was Kyo Ya telling us they were getting shrimps from North Carolina.

        1. So did I! An excellent meal had by all -we ate at the bar and were perfectly comfortable. It is located on the 2nd floor of the restaurant ajacent to a beautiful dining room with the perfect atmosphere for dining-nice background music and perfect for conversation. They have another dining room on first floor as well as private dining spaces on third floor. On to the grinds. Started off with a well executed Makers Mark Manhattan which they prepare in their signature huge iced glass decanters. Kinda makes it special with all the fuss and care for what some would consider just a drink. Anyway my other company enjoyed their Gord gin negronis as well.
          Apps included Kumamoto and Kushhi oysters served in the traditional mignonette sauce which wasnt necessary since the oysters were delicious all by themselves. The sea scallops drizzled with olive oil and black truffles were absolutely da bomb!!! It was only slightly matched by the red prawn crudo which was so fresh and had the perfect texture for a crudo dish. The cocktail lobster woke up your palate with a zesty slightly peppery sauce-perhaps it was roasted peppers? The was followed by a marrow panzaella which at first glance in the menu, I was hesitant to try but turned out to be one of my favoes. Pastas we tried included Casarecci, Cavatelli, spagghetti (putanessca) and riggotoni-all of which had the most amazing sauces and cooked perfectly. I can go into details about each dish cause by this time were were half done w a magnum og Colpetrone 07 wine which paired perfectly with all the dishes especially since we ordered the "Tomahawk" bone in rib eye for main course. I just had a slice of the steak but devoured the giant bone while my friends looked on in envy. A torta and tartaletta (like chocolate pudding w hazelnuts in pie crust) did not fail to be enjoyed by all. I'm not doing the dessert description any justice cause I'm just a country hick w composition/writing skills. We rounded our light bite w expresso and sambuca then off into the night. Give them a try-u will love!!! Perfect for those seeking fine dining in a civilized surrounding.

          1. Any more pasta musts? Except for my old favorite Fiamma garganelli, gotta have that one. Why did they ever close Fiamma anyway?
            Going tonight, couldn't wait

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            1. Meal of the year for us last night! And not because I finally met Mr White and got a picture with him. Ok, mainly due to that but the food was incredible.

              Inside right away it felt like being in the old Fiamma which we enjoyed a few times before it closed. Nice decor, service top notch and very knowledgeable (some veterans from Minetta Tavern and Lincoln) as you would expect in a place like this. Jokingly I offered to pay with my Minetta tavern gift card. I could have really used a card here as this turned out much pricier than anticipated.
              4 of us including 2 kids

              Started with the amazing Crudo. The scallops with truffle vinaigrette in particular was a stunner. Razor clams were great as well, with bits of sopressata and fennel mixed in with the ceviched clams.

              Pastas were more than satisfying. Lumache carbonara was probably the winner for me. Followed by a very nice Cavatelli with tender juicy oxtail. The Old favorite Garganelli Alla Fiamma with truffles was still good but I preferred the others.

              Then the main event. One of the most flavorful steaks I ever had. A mammoth 44oz Tomahawk ribeye cooked to perfection. We asked for medium (wife demands) so I was a little worried that they would overcook but it came out perfect medium rare for the most part. Black truffle butter and sides of fries and Asparagus complimented nicely but the steak was so delicious I forgot that they were there.

              Desserts were great as well. Enjoyed the Meringa thing but the Semifreddo with the Rum Raisin stole the show. Kids loved the chocolate tart.

              So ye, meal of the year. Fairly easy to reserve now but I'm guessing not for too long

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                Looks amazing! Can you compare it to other steaks (ribeyes especially) around town?

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                  Cant do sorry. We dont frequent steakhouses enough. Last memorable Ribeye for me was at Del Friscos but that was a while back. Been to Luger and a few others but not recently. We loved the NY strip at Minetta (only 2 of us so no Cote de Boeuf) but cant really compare to this beast which we enjoyed more.

                  We do grill Ribeye at home often tho and I can tell you Kathryn without any doubt whatsoever: Better than Costco!

                  The Costata (which means Ribeye btw tho I hate the name) is truly a work of art. Basted with a rosemary brush (as they do in Marea I believe) for added moistness and flavor. Truly melt in your mouth buttery goodness with a perfectly seasoned crust. Hard to imagine a more flavorful piece of meat

                  Thanks Kosmose for the tip btw

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                  wow, great pics, looks delicious. I;m glad something worthy,is in the old Fiamma space. It was a great space.

                3. A great meal, even if a solid A, rather than the A+ of other Chow posters.

                  Sleek, attractive space, from top to bottom (what never gets rated: an exceptionally nicely appointed ladies room in the basement, reached via elevator).

                  We began at at the comfortable (and surprisingly less noisy than the upstairs restaurant area) upstairs bar, waiting for our friends, sipping a nicely made Campari and soda (me) and Prosecco (spouse).

                  We were seated early (they were crowded, but not packed--a plus re the decibel level, which decreased over the course of the evening, as it thinned out).

                  I wasn't wowed by the focaccia/lardo--a preference thing, rather than a real negative.

                  The crudo were fabulous. I'd never had razor clams; and these w/ sopressata and fennel were just delicious, the shells fun to hold. Also loved the seafood salad and sea scallops w/ black truffle vinaigrette (wished for a slightly less heavy hand w/ the truffles, which, as truffles can do, almost--though didn't--overwhelm the scallops).

                  The pastas were excellent, perfectly conceived and executed. My spouse adores carbonara, usually too rich for me, but we both really liked the exceptionally light lumache carbonara here. I'm afraid I'm a bit hazy re details of the other pastas--the fault of my memory, not the distinctness and deliciousness of Costata's kitchen--one was as splendid as the next, the oxtail sauce on the cavatelli a stand-out. The only weird moment in a high-end joint (can happen anywhere, right?--does in my own kitchen), finding a hair in the spaghetti.

                  Beef was exceptional. Adored the tomahawk, appreciated even more, now that we eat less meat as a rule. One of our party had the veal chop, gorgeous and perfectly cooked.

                  Sides, wonderful. I esp. enjoyed the artichokes, though not sure that ranked highest for others at our table (these are close competitions!). The server said we had to get the cippolini in balsamic--very good, but maybe less special. Mushrooms fine. The potatoes, on the other hand, were crazy-good re texture (crust and soft insides) and flavor.

                  We skipped dessert (we were stuffed and needed to be off).

                  The choreography of serving and clearing was very professional. The server's patter, a bit over-inflected.

                  The tab was steep. That said, if you wanted not to break the bank, you could, quite happily. To whit, the two young women on one side each got a pasta and shared a couple veg sides. And the six-top on the other side all shared a Tomohawk-for-two (more than enough, with crudos and pastas before and sides along with).

                  1. Very much enjoyed my dinner at Costata last week. I wanted to try a new restaurant, and based on great reviews from two of my friends, I chose Costata.

                    Lovely restaurant with excellent service that was both friendly and attentive. I began with a custom-designed non-alcoholic drink with grapefruit that was perfect on a hot day.

                    Began dinner with the excellent focaccia that was served with a whipped lardo. The focaccia was better on its own. Found the lardo too heavy.

                    First course was the much (deserved) praised Garganelli alla Fiamma with prosciutto, peas and truffle cream. LOVED this dish.

                    Since I was dining solo, I had to pass on the Costata, and ordered the rib eye instead. I ordered truffle butter and creamed horseradish sauce (I know it's a bizarre choice). For my sides, I chose creamed spinach with roasted garlic and crispy shallots which was very good since the crispy shallots added a nice crunch. Also ordered the potato purée with parmigiano and melted butter that had great flavor, but was a litte too runny. Final side dish was the roasted baby carrots with brown butter and thyme that really didn't have the sweet flavor that I had expected.

                    The rib eye is huge, and was med/rare (actually a bit too rare so next time I'll ask for medium--prefer a bright pink center). The beef was very tender, but without the sauce or butter didn't have much flavor on its own. Definitely want to return for the Costata! Ate about half of everything, and the rest was nicely packed up for me.

                    Glad I saved room for dessert! Ordered the Torta di Marscarpone that is a delicious version of tiramisu! Tiramisu is one of my favorite desserts, and this version was a winner! Also splurged with a dish of gelati: 2 scoops of smoked caramel and one scoop of fior di latte. The gelati was very good, but next time I would order only the Torta di Marscarpone!

                    1. 0 stars from Platt, so what do we know. -1 stars for the décor.. didn't even have the signature ribeye. Too bad


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                        Funny he liked crudo & steak, which is exactly what I had.

                      2. Adam Platt gave it zero stars! And I gave Adam minus zero stars for being out of his mind. Been to Costata 3 times now and it is definitely one one my new faves! Read my review of first visit below. It hasn't changed-A wonderful place to dine!

                        1. Anyone been recently?

                          I need to find a steakhouse in SoHo . . .

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                            Ever since I been to Costata, I have tried numerous other "Tomahawk" style rib eye elsewhere. Nothing compares even closely to the flavor of Costata's one. Perla had one that I tried this week which was very good but didn't match the flavor or presentation of Costata's.

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                              Thanks, UES Mayor.

                              I just made reservations for SO. I'll report back on what he thinks.

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                                Don't forget to ask for a doggie bag for the bone if you are too shy on gnawing on it in the restaurant. You can take it home and do it in the privacy of your own home. Once I froze it then used it as a late night snack!! yummo!!

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                              SO's report:

                              Had a good dinner at Costata with a business associate. The space was modern, clean, and comfortable. The music was not what seemed appropriate. It was mostly classic rock, Led Zeppelin, Rolling Stones, etc. The wait staff was professional and polite.

                              The wine list read well. There was a good range of wines of both reds and whites. Pricing was what should be expected but there is enough of a range to satisfy most budgets.

                              For starters we had the fluke with a tomato confit and the insalata verde. Both were very good. The flute was perfectly fresh and the tomato confit only accented the flavor of the fish without overwhelming it.

                              My associate had the lamb chops and proclaimed them to be the best ever. He is a Brit and also claimed to know his lamb. I had the Veal Sweetbreads (actually an app) for my main with Farotto (a side). Enjoyed both very much.

                              Ordered a double espresso and a Sambucca for dessert and noticed the Sambucca was not the the best I enjoyed. Leaving the restaurant I asked the bar tender about the Sambuca and he acknowledged it was an off brand.

                              A good restaurant. A very good place for a business dinner or something else. The music could be changed to make it more Italian.