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May 18, 2013 02:40 PM

Where should I eat in - beyond the inner harbor?

First time visit for a convention - would love some reasonably priced non-chain food ideas

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  1. You'll need to give more specifics to get a decent reply: what you do and don't like, atmosphere, price range, distance you'll travel etc

    1. Reasonable is relative, but broadly, some restaurants worth considering in the downtown area:

      B&O Brasserie
      Chingale (sp.),
      Waterfront Kitchen

      All are a short cab ride or a long walk from the convention center. You can check out their menus online.

      1. Thank you for those responses- I should have been more specific, but I'm not too selective - just want food under $20 that is not from a chain that is within 10/15 minutes or so walk from the convention center. I don't need anything that will rock my world, but would prefer not to eat at 5 Guys again. Open to Thai, Korean, (not Mexican - live in San Francisco) soul food, etc.

        1. I'd check out Cazbar. And if you like Indian, Indigma and Akbar in Mount Vernon are great choices.

          1. Not sure if you are still here but Momma's on the Half Shell (2901 O'Donnell Street) is a decent place to dine in Baltimore. The mac cheese is fantastic and the crab cake is always solid. And they run the gamut from po boys to oyster stuffed bacon wrapped filet mignon in a heavenly béarnaise sauce. But its not really walking distance. More a short cab ride from the convention center (unless you dont mind walking over 2 miles).

            Attman's Delicatessen (classic deli; great corned beef and pastrami) and Isabella's (good old school Little Italy pizza and sub place) are a little closer and have great food.