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May 18, 2013 02:36 PM

What to order at Marea

Hey fellow foodies,

I'm having my birthday dinner this year at Marea... what dishes do you all recommend?


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  1. The bone marrow and octopus pasta is amazing.

    1. Most pastas are good. The Uni with Lardo appetizer is a killer!
      But DO NOT order the Italian Adriactic seafood soup!! Huge disappointment!!

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      1. re: Charles Yu

        Thought I'd post photos of some of the food mentioned by myself and fellow hounds, including both crab and Uni Spaghetti, Bone marrow and Octopus pasta, Crudos, the DO NOT ORDER watery seafood soup.....etc.
        BTW, though Marea's pasta are superb in their own way, I did however find Lincoln and ESCA's pasta to be equally appealing and good! ESCA also makes a crab and sea urchin pasta as well!

      2. Lobster with burrata
        Octopus with smoked potatoes
        Crab spaghetti with sea urchin
        Shortrib ravioli
        Risotto mare

        1. Pretty much everything at Marea is tasty. 'Crudo trio' is one of my favorites. My only complaint is they seldom change the menu and I am already fed up with most of them lol,

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            As I replied in another thread, I had the best steak I have ever eaten at Marea. There had been a lot of talk about Creekstone Beef in the New York Times, and when we got to Marea, there it was on the menu. Covered in shame for ordering meat in a fish restaurant, I ordered it. It was magnificent.

            1. re: bcc

              I'll bet. Dry-aged steak at Ai Fiori, and the steak at newly-opened Cotata are all excellent too.

          2. Astice (lobster with Burrata) - eye opener, a must
            spaghetti with crab (looks like now Garganelli?)
            Tortelli - wow
            Fusilli - the signature...