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May 18, 2013 02:03 PM

Dish recommendations at Arnauds, Herbsaint, Coquette, R'evolution and others please!! (Researched)

Hi, I'm trying to make sure that I get some of the board the favorites at the places that I plan on visiting during my upcoming trip. Based on what I've read, I've narrowed down a few things. I wanted to get the opinion of the experts on the same :)

Some helpful info - Coming from NYC, willing to try everything and preferably, wouldn't want to repeat stuff.

1. Arnauds (1 person)
- Shrimp Arnauds
- Oysters Bienville or Pompano Duarte (I know that one's an appetizer and the other an entree but that's OK)
- Banana Foster (this is for 2 people but I won't get a chance to try this again and I've heard a lot about it so I was planning to just get it for myself)

2. Herbsaint (2 people but 1 is a vegetarian)
- I've read about the kitchen rustling something up for vegetarians so we're banking on that.
- Spaghetti with Guancialle
- Lamb neck or the Duck Confit (not in the mood for Pork Belly)
- Malted milk chocolate mousse

3. R'evolution (7 people. What I've listed will not be enough but wanted to make sure we got the favorites)
- Death by Gumbo
- Crab Beignets
- Venison Carpaccio
- Crawfish stuffed flounder napoleon
- Seared sea scallops and foie gras
- While chocolate bread pudding creme' brulee
- Bananas foster soufle

4. Coquette (4 people)
- Fried oysters
- Sweetbreads
- Farro Antica
- Pork cheeks
- Farro Antica
- Old fashioned donut with huckleberries

5. Mr B (2 people)
- Gumbo Ya-Ya
- BBQ Shrimp
- Banana Pudding

6. Parkway: Trying to decide between Roast Beef, Surf & Turf and the Shrimp Po'boy

7. Killer Poboys: "Dark & Stormy" pork belly poboy

8. Big Fisherman: I don't know how much crawfish should I get for 3 people. Any suggestions? I was also planning to get some potatoes and corn.

9. Cochon Butcher: Muffaletta

10. Casamentos: Raw oysters, friend shrimp and crab claws

Thank you!

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  1. Bump to see if anyone has any thoughts :)
    Also, I've read in a few posts about the area around Parkway not being very safe (mostly at night) so I just wanted to check if a walk there during the afternoon would be OK? Thank you!

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    1. re: indiefoodie

      That walk is absolutely fine.

      It's unusual to go to Casamento's
      and not have the oyster loaf which is pretty much their signature dish. (I presume you're coming soon as Casamento's closes for summer starting the beginning of June.)

      With potatoes and corn, around three pounds of crawfish a person is a decent amount.

        1. re: indiefoodie

          Also, I edited this out of my original post once I realized you had posted a route, but on second thought if you're taking the streetcar to Parkway you may want to continue up to City Park and. catch the streetcar back from there. The sculpture garden at City Park is very nice, and there's also a Morning Call with coffee and beignets if your appetite has recovered.

          Enjoy your trip.

      1. re: indiefoodie

        I did the walk to Parkway from the Canal Street streetcar in the afternoon (Jefferson Davis stop) and it seemed fine. Then walked up Orleans to Carrollton to the streetcar too. (I had the turkey poboy at Parkway so can't help with order recommends - other than the banana pudding was pretty damn good).

        For crawfish, I was able to put away 2 lbs by myself (no corn or potatos) and I probably could have eaten another pound - I got mine at KJeans in MidCity.

      2. Your selections at Mr. B's are excellent! I suggest the Shrimp po-boy at Parkway with a side of "gravy fries" (french fries topped with the roast beef). May i suggest grabbing a muffaletta at Central Grocery and then going for anything on the Cochon Butcher Board. The cuban and duck pastrami are among my favorites. Finally, i concur that you should get to Casamentos soon, and have an oyster loaf!

        1. At Cochon Butcher have the Buckboard Bacon sandwich....delicious....also, love the Shrimp PoBoy at Parkway...We take the streetcar up and walk over...easy walk..then we have walked from there to City Park.

          1. At Herbsaint, consider strongly the shrimp polenta with roasted mushroom small plate and ANY fish special.