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May 18, 2013 01:52 PM

Salad - in a bowl or on a plate?

Just out of curiosity - do you prefer your salad in a bowl or on a plate? I am a recent convert from bowl to plate. Especially for meal-sized salads I find it's easier to get to the ingredients because the heavier ones don't fall to the bottom.

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  1. Bowl for me. Sometimes with a plate, I push food off the edge. Our bowls are more like soup plates, so wide and flat, but with an edge for leverage.

    1. Depends - if I'm making an "arranged" salad - greens, slices of chicken, mango, red bell peppers, etc., I want it plated. If it's a regular "tossed salad", a bowl is fine.

      1. Depends.

        If it's a Caesar, Chef's, Ni├žoise or a Lyonnaise then it's got to be a plate.

        For something like larb, Panzanella, egg salad, chicken salad, coleslaw, potato salad, bean salad, or Tabbouleh then a bowl is fine.

        1. Depends. If served with dinner as a side, then generally right on the dinner plate. If salad is the meal, I use wide, shallow bowls.

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            An "assiette creuse" (soup dish), the kind of very shallow bowl or deep plate one serves pasta in, would do for quite a variety of salads.

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              Yes! Quite possibly the most used type of dish in my stash. They work better than a plate OR a bowl for so many things.

          2. Plate for a composed salad, otherwise wide bowl for tossed variety.

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              + 1

              Well, maybe not a wide bowl but a bowl.