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May 18, 2013 11:41 AM

Harrisburg Mashup Food Trucks

Now that Harrisburg has a monthly food truck festival, any thoughts on which trucks are good and which could be avoided?

Last night we had Up In Smoke- on par with the best bar b que we've had in the area. The pulled pork was tender and had a rich flavor. The cornbread that came on the side was really good as well, a bit sweet and very moist.

The chicken truck was great, extremely moist tender chicken fried chicken breast. The french fries on the side didn't work for me. They lacked any crispiness and seemed to be unsalted.

The Rocket Burrito cart was not bad but could have used a bit more seasoning. Personally, I'd rather just make my own burrito or even go to Chipotle or Neato Burrito next time.

Anyone else try any local trucks?

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  1. Where in town and when does this happen?

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    1. re: cleobeach

      It happens in midtown Harrisburg on 3rd in the burg- which is the 3rd Friday of every month. Last week it was located at 3rd street, just north of Reily. Mash-up will also have food trucks out at other events, and they update the information on their Facebook page:

      1. re: hyacinthgirl

        Ohh, thanks for the link. We get to Harrisburg a couple of times a year and will be in town at least once a month this summer. I will make sure we schedule a trip to catch this.

        1. re: cleobeach

          3rd in the burg is a nice event all around. A lot of local businesses host artists and musicians and everyone is out walking around the city. We really just head out for the trucks alone and stop into whichever businesses we pass on our way home. Very nice way to spend a Friday.

          1. re: hyacinthgirl

            It is nice to see this type of thing happening in the city. I remember 20+ years ago when my now husband and I first started dating, it was a ghost town on the weekends. We would stop in at the bar behind the former Gazebo Room (now McGrath's) because it was the only place to get a drink on a Saturday.

            Then 2nd Street boomed but it seems to be fizzled/gone down market over the past couple of years.

            1. re: cleobeach

              There are definitely a group of committed people trying to revive the city and bring it beyond the 20-something frat party of 2nd street. I try to support them whenever possible.

              1. re: hyacinthgirl

                Frat party is a good description of what 2nd Street turned into.

                Not long ago, we met a couple that lives in Midtown and they encouraged us to check it out.

    2. Why didn't I know about this!?

      Will be making every effort to make it out there.

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      1. re: melpy

        It only started a few months ago- Friday night was the 3rd Mashup. It was really great though, and they make an effort to vary the trucks each time.

      2. My buddy and I tried the Souvlaki Bros. truck. I had the chicken souvlaki - decent, though the pita was a bit disappointing. He had chicken and pork kabobs. The chicken kabobs were amazing, but he wouldn't get the pork kabobs again. The fries were ok.

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        1. re: pahiker6

          I saw they had feta fries, did you try those?

          1. re: hyacinthgirl

            I missed that. I'll have to be on the lookout next time.

            Thanks for the info on Smoke. I'm always on the lookout for some good BBQ.

            1. re: pahiker6

              What kind of BBQ do you like? Have you tried Momo's or the new Smoke BBQ off of Linglestown Rd?

              1. re: hyacinthgirl

                I don't know if I'm sophisticated enough to designate a favorite style. MoMo's is ok. I tried Smoke, but left when they said it was a 40 minute wait to get the food - even though the place was half empty. Official BBQ and Burgers is very good, but I'm torn about returning due to owner's past misdeeds. My favorite so far has been Skeeter's, but that joint is up north of Selinsgrove.

                Do you have any suggestions?

                1. re: pahiker6

                  When did you try Smoke, was it soon after they opened? We went about a month ago and had no service issues. The pulled pork was really good. I'd give them anothe try. The ribs at Momo's and the smoked chicken were both stand outs.

                  I'm not familiar with Official BBQ- where is it (and what sort of misdeeds?)

                  1. re: hyacinthgirl

                    I tried Smoke pretty soon after they opened. I haven't written them off, and I've been meaning to go back, but haven't found the time.

                    Official BBQ is located a bit out of the way. Here's the Yelp page:
                    You can Google the owner's name - Port Dare.

                    1. re: pahiker6

                      Ugh, gotcha. Thanks for the info, definitely a shame

        2. Are you going to the one tonight? 3 new trucks. I'm interested in the pulled pork w/ mac and cheese bowl at Baron Von Schwein.

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