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May 18, 2013 09:26 AM

Do you de-salt your anchovies before use?

I am really getting into anchovies, but they are sooo salty. Do you usually soak them for a few minutes or so to remove some of the salt?

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  1. Never even crossed my mind. So if this is a poll, put me down as a no. Those little suckers can really add a lot of depth to a lot of dishes.

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    1. re: tim irvine

      Yea, it's why I love them was just wondering. Perhaps I'll drink some extra water :)

    2. Maybe you would prefer fresh anchovies (alici) - they are not nearly as salty as the ones in cans or jars (for obvious reasons), but they still have the tastiness that I assume you like. We find them in NYC at the deli counter with the smoked salmon (& caviar). You might also find them at an Italian deli.

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      1. re: boredough

        Yea, I looked for them at the store today and couldn't find them but I didn't check at the deli counter or perhaps they might be in the section with the smoke salmon and fresh sardines. For today, I guess the salty little filets will find their way in the salad dressing :)

        1. re: fldhkybnva

          Well, good luck next time you go back to the deli counter. Let us know whether you like/prefer them.... OTOH the cured ones are better for some recipes.

      2. I do, depending on their use in the recipe. If its for a salad dressing, no, I want those bitey, tangy tastes. If I do soak them, they are soaked in milk for 5-10 minutes.

          1. From what I've read, "before serving or using canned fillets, rinse well under cold running water or soak in cool water for 30 minutes."

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            1. re: grampart

              I gave up reading recipes years ago...they made me too mad when I missed steps or ingredients!

              1. re: tim irvine

                So how's that working out for you?

                1. re: tim irvine

                  I don't follow them either. I usually get ideas and wing it in the kitchen with those ideas in mind. I get your point.

                  1. re: tim irvine

                    I guess the point is if the recipe says to rinse the anchovies and you, for whatever reason, don't do it and the dish turns out too salty, who's to blame?