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Bonano's Chicken

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Here's another heads up for valley dwellers. Bonano's Chicken is a Peruvian rotisserie restaurant in a strip mall on Reseda in Northridge just north of Roscoe. I went for lunch yesterday and the chicken was delicious. Juicy and smokey, it almost tasted like bacon. A half chicken with two large sides and a drink cost about $13. The rice was garlicky and very good, the beans nothing special. I don't know about the other dishes, reviews on Yelp say they're not as good as the chicken.

I was also at Amazing Thai again last night in Chatsworth. I don't know how there can be such good food at a sports bar. A standout was the morning glory salad with crispy pork. The salty, smokey pork flavor infused the greens to make a perfect dish. Actually reminded me more of Chinese than Thai food. The Hell Chicken was also very good, especially the crispy remains at the bottom. I noticed they use fresh kaffir lime leaves, which probably not all places do.

The noise is a bit of a challenge for people wanting to enjoy their meal. Might be better to go during the middle of the week.

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  1. There was a sub thread about Bonano's back in 2011 http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/6709... that came about because a former LA hound was a reviewer for the LA Times and mentioned it in his review of Mo Chica. Thanks for posting a more current review.

    1. I buy Bonano's whole chicken at least once a month. Everyone in the family actually prefers it to Pollo a la Brasa.