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May 18, 2013 12:04 AM

Hot Head Burritos

Has anyone tried this yet? I had it for the first, and probably last time a few weeks ago. They're basically a Chipotle knock off, they pretty much copy everything they do. However their food is pretty lousy.

The tortilla wraps are strangely rubbery - as in I actually had chew on it pretty hard to bite a pieces off.

The meats and other fillings have no flavor and are very bland despite their appearance. With Chipotle, you can actually taste the lime and cilantro in the rice, the chipotle pepper on the chicken, etc...

Their only differentiation is supposed to be the selection of sauces they offer at the end. I had their sweet habanero sauce, and it tasted like straight corn syrup. It actually made the burrito even worse than it already was because it was way too sweet and practically no heat.

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  1. Baja Fresh uses the same rubbery tortilla.

    1. Oh yes, totally agree, Hothead Burritos is horrible. And yes, the sweet habanero sauce is not hot at you said, a bunch of sweet goop. Hubby and I stopped here last year at the one in Troy, OH, I believe it was, after a long day of driving I-70 and needed a short break and bite to eat. Oops, that was a mistake we won't make again! To compare them to Chipotle is blasphemy. I don't care for Taco Bell myself, but would go there any day of the week over Glophead (what my husband dubbed them). How does this place stay in business???

      1. Hot Head is absolutely LOVED, believe it or not, by all kinds of people. I don't get it either. There are apparently enough people with no sense of taste that keep Hot Head going and expanding.

        Their meats are straight Sysco crap off the truck and I've never really liked anything we've gotten there. They can't even make a serving of nachos present well to be eaten right in the restaurant ... my wife got what was a bowl of cheese sauce covering chips that got instantly limp.

        Hot Head is a local Dayton, Ohio success story, being started by ex-owners of some Subway franchises. So I think a very distorted version of Subway's product philosophy was used to create Hot Head. Generic food service level fare works for sandwiches but not for Mexican fast food.

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          don, i could tell it was obviously popular because of all the other people who were in there and I think this was on a Sunday afternoon! didn't look as if it were hurting for customers....but it should be! LOL

          glad a Dayton Ohio local chain is successful, don't wish any business enterprise to fail in this economy, but still one would hope said business would at least be solidly mediocre...Hot Heads is neither! :(

          I can't imagine taking their food to go, either. If it's inedible in the restaurant itself, it would be trash by the time you got it home. Blech! In all that's decent in the world, how does this place stay open?