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May 17, 2013 11:05 PM

Visting Boston!

Hi all,

My boyfriend and I are visting Boston for a few days. We live in Portland, Oregon and have never been to the east coast, so we are very excited. We are on a budget, but would love some suggestions for food that we shouldn't miss in the area. We are staying at a hotel in Back Bay. We also are really into micro breweries, so any good suggestions in that realm would be amazing. I also am wanting to hit up a mom and pop italian restaurant, as I have heard the east coast has great italian food.


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  1. Hey there, prob just a mistake but you posted in the Los Angles board =)

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      apparently fixed, welcome!

      we have very good micro-brewed beers in New England but not so much on premises in Boston. I am not, e.g. a Cambridge Brewery fan but some people are. Many very good beers available on draught from Maine and Vermont.

      Do you and your boyfriend enjoy seafood? Seafood on the East coast is different and, in my not objective opinion, better, and Boston is an (the most?) awesome city in which to explore that.

      Mom and Popish Italian: Antico Forno, which is in the North End, a neighborhood which is a worthy scene in itself. Lot's of alternatives, you can do some searches here.

      Have fun!

    2. East Coast Italian food: As Rick said in Casablanca, " I came for the water." "But this is the desert." " I was misinformed."

      Italian food is ok,though there are a couple of good places in Manhattan. My friends who have been to Italy would beg to differ about my overly positive review.

      My recommendation is hit the Chinese and Thai food. I recommend Rod Dee and Sichuan Gourmet and East Ocean Seafood that is in Chinatown.

      The beer scene is Boston is good but not as good as in Portland.

      I recommend the clam shacks and the lobster rolls; I doubt that you can get them in Portland.

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      1. re: cambridgedoctpr

        But, dear God, do not hit the Rod Dee in Washington Sq. Brookline!

        1. re: C. Hamster

          my recommendation is rod dee in porter square; i have not been to the one in Brookline.

      2. So it sounds that Italian is out. Other thoughts? Good neighborhoods to visit? Best thing to eat to boston?

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          Welcome to Boston! Here's a link

          to a good thread for favorites here. For beer, maybe try Lord Hobo in Cambridge or Deep Ellum. Not all local but all good.
          Second the Antico Forno rec. Also see the recent Interesting/Obscure chinatown thread. Oleana is great for Mediterranean food. Good luck!

          1. re: srosing

            Don't automatically cross Italian off the list because of one man's (incorrect) opinion. If you're looking for authentic Italian fare like you get in Rome or Tuscany, or any other region of Italy, you'll be hard pressed to find it well prepared in Boston. If, however, you want to taste the Italian/American " red sauce" cuisine perfected by the immigrants who came here 100+ years ago, by all means, spend a night or day in Boston's North End. In addition to being a terrific neighborhood, IMO it far exceeds NYC's Little Italy in choice, quality, and ambiance. The are some terrific bakeries (Modern or Maria's) and some great restaurants. Do a search here. There's tons of posts and tons of restaurants, most independently owned. My fave "Mom and Pop red sauce joint is L'Osteria. You won't find a better Veal Parm and pasta than here.

            1. re: CapeCodGuy

              Cape Cod Guy nailed it. While Ital/American "red sauce" cuisine is not my personal favorite (having travelled extensively in Italy for 20+ years), that's exactly what the North End is all about. It's also a fun place to wonder around, and still pretty vibrant despite increasing gentrification--unlike NYC's Little Italy, which is now almost completely subsumed by Chinatown.

          2. Deep Ellum in Allston is our best beer bar. They usually have a number of MA and New England beers on, and a bunch from Europe that you don't see every day.

            1. In my opinion, the best beer bars are Publick House (Brookline), Deep Ellum (Allston), Lord Hobo (Cambridge) and Cambridge Brewing Company (Cambridge). Of those four, Cambridge Brewing is the only actual brewer. They do lots of fairly experimental stuff that beer nerds tend to find interesting. They're not going to win a beard medal for their food, but it's perfectly fine if you're there for the beer. Lord Hobo has the best food of that bunch.

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                Cambridge Brewing Company will soon be offering a special beer - I think it will be called the Collier Stout beer. It's in honor of Officer Sean Collier who was killed by the marathon bombers. Anyway, if memory serves, one dollar of every beer sold will be donated to some sort of fund (not sure if it's One or a Collier specific one.)

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                  Just looked at Deep Ellum's draft list and got me wondering, does Boston have a website like this?