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May 17, 2013 10:43 PM

home bar and grill or wolfgang's steakhouse for bd meal

my bd is coming up and i have to choose between tater tot nachos (home) or spectacular rare burger (wolfgang).

what do you think? i haven't been to either before.

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    1. re: russkar

      after having home bar and grill, i'm wondering how wolfgang's would be.

      how would you rate it according to similar restaurants I've been to that feature pretty good beef: hy's, mortons, ruth's chris, signature, charthouse, Haleiwa joe's, outback.

      never been to dk. have been to peter luger in Brooklyn and smith and wollensky in manhattan if you've been there.

    2. I haven't been to either (not a great reply) but I have heard of people who had problems with the service at Home Bar and Grill apparently because they didn't meet the preferred customer profile. Keep in mind this is here-say.

      Have Fun and report back wherever you end up please.

      1. ok, so i've decided on home bar and grill. the allure of the tater tot nachos can't be ignored. some of the other stuff on the menu drew drool as well.

        will bring an update soon.

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        1. re: indelibledotink

          finally, almost 2 months after my bd, we all got together for home bar and grill.

          there's parking in the front on kalakaua and in the back by Hawaiian brian's. I had thought it was more into Waikiki, but it's Waikiki/kaheka area, by don quijote/palama supermarket.

          the bar is spacious and the feeling is comfortable and open. nice a/c. well lit and flatscreens everywhere, (it's a sports bar). 2p, opening time, and several customers there. we were a party of five and were attended to right away. this place is CLEAN, everything's new, waitress was friendly.

          we started with tater tot nachos. very crunchy tots, the smooth melted cheese made this one a winner.

          we also had ribeye steak, well done for my pops, while you know I love rare, but the meat quality was top notch, along with onions and mushrooms,

          cold tofu, tofu cubes topped with bonito flakes and shoyu,

          negi toro, fresh and tasty, our waitress showed us how to mix the fish cubes with their special sauce since some customers did not know to do that and thus said the dish was bland (I don't know if we'd have figured that out),

          truffle fries, with parmesan and a garlic dipping sauce, there were a ton of pepperoni that were thin cut and made crispy into chips... meh, the fries were really good, tho,

          blue cheese bacon hamburger, had a bite of my BIL's and the blue cheese was just right, not too plasticy like I find some blue cheese to be. he had the patty well done, again, I favor rare/raw the in the middle, but quality ingredients. thick slices of bacon,

          kim chi fried rice was good, they put everything but the kitchen sink in there. I prefer Chinese style fried rice which is longer grain rice and a little drier, but this was more local style, like big city diner's. I liked it, and it came with two eggs on top,

          kal bi, local/LA style cut thin, snipped into neat pieces, each with a flat oval piece of bone and meat. sweet, possibly venturing into teriyaki territory, but only like dipping a toe into the pool. on top some cabbage.

          prices were reasonable, especially for a bar, and the portions are generous. definitely bring some people to share it with. I would have liked to try their poke (they were out), sashimi, and seared ahi (but we were full).

          overall, i'm hapy we got to try this place, it's been on my radar for a long time. I would come back if I were in the area and hungry, and definitely make it a point to go here for a special sports event if I wanted some brewskis. I would say best sports bar in town. they're open 2p-2a every day.

          1. re: indelibledotink

            just finished the rest of the fried rice we took home. there's a low level of spiciness that rises above most bland kim chi fried rices. it tastes even better now, I guess the ingredients had a chance to blend. ono!