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May 17, 2013 08:27 PM

Xiao Long Bao

Last thread was like 6+ years ago. Anything new/good besides asian legend/din tai fung (we know its it worth going though? The whole fake thing really makes me not want to go)/skyland

I went to skyland a few years ago, not impressed.

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  1. Northern Dumpling Kitchen in Times Square is still good!
    Golden Shanghai at 14th and Kennedy is up there too!

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    1. re: Charles Yu

      I'm no expert, but the XLB from Golden Shanghai are very tasty. Lunch menu (I think Item D) gets you a bowl of wonton soup and 6 steamed XLB for $5 !

      Good luck finding a parking spot though.

      1. re: PoppiYYZ

        You should try Golden Shanghai's dinner too! Some of the specials posted on the wall are very nicely done!

    2. 369 Shanghai Dim Sum- they also have excellent Shanghainess snacks/pastries.

      A la Kitchen - I went there based on the chowhound feeback on their hot and sour. Their xiao long bao is comparable to Asian legend in my opinion.

      And I still have a soft spot for Chinese Traditional on Dundas.

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      1. re: happycamper

        Went to Chinese traditional buns, ordered xlb but got big steamed buns instead of dumplings.

        1. re: szw

          Not at all surprise!!
          Good authentic ' Shanghainese food ' in the GTA is far and few. Even self proclaimed authentic establishments like Din Tai Fung and A La Kitchen...etc churn out Northern Dim Sum and Dumpling products that would upset most patrons and make them cry if serve in places like Hong Kong, Taiwan or Shanghai!
          Casing point: The Shanghainese Pan Fried Pork Buns of Markham's Ding Tai Fungs that must be at least twice the size of the real thing! As well, their 'incorrect' dough is usually associated with those of 'Cantonese' BBQ pork buns. And worst of all their filling is dry and totally void of broth!!
          The 'real' thing is more dainty and wrapping is different!

          1. re: Charles Yu

            Wrong photo ( right ) posted for the real thing!
            Authentic one look more like this ( from Hong Kong'd Shanghai Fraternity ). Outer shell is less 'spongy'. But still not as good as the Shanghai Din Tai Fung ones.

            1. re: Charles Yu

              XLB in Shanghai at Din Tai Fung are bigger than the 369 Shanghai ones. The shell is also softer.

            2. re: Charles Yu

              Yep thats exactly what I was served. IT was still tasty, in its own way...but not what we wanted. We walked over to asian legend to try their pork/crab xlb and it was passable. Not good or great, but not horrible. May give the fake DTF a try next week but still not totally comfortable with that. Will definitely go back to Northern Dumpling Kitchen...had a few good experiences in the past there.

          1. re: setofdueces

            The original and authentic DTF is a Taiwanese outfit with branches in Shanghai, Hong Kong...etc.

            This 'fake' Toronto outfit uses the same Chinese Character as the original but tweaked the English translation of the Chinese by using 'DING Tai Fung' instead of 'Din Tai Fung'.
            Legal action and complaint was launched against the Toronto outfit, but to no avail ( distance too far and different jurisdiction??!! )

            1. re: Charles Yu

              Anyone been to Asian legend in Chinatown?. Is it passable?

              1. re: szw

                I find the XLB at the plaza Yonge/North of Steele is OK.

                1. re: smfan

                  Is this the Shanghainese restaurant inside the plaza where 'Legend' is?

                    1. re: smfan

                      Still there??!! Wow!! Must have changed name and owners a few times?! Surprise the spot still remain a Shanghainese outfit!!

          2. I just tried the XLB at Lee Chen Yonge/Bloor. 6 for $6. They were decent. Similar to the HK/Shanghai XLB.Could use more soup though. Recently tried XLB at DTF in LA. Not a big fan of Taiwanese/Shanghai XLB.

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            1. re: smfan

              One thing about Lee Chen is their serving sizes are tiny!

            2. Sika Deer at Finch/Midland.