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Jarlsberg surplus

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Hi all,
I bought a huge hunk of Jarlsberg because it was on sale, but now I have more than I know what to do with! Ideas (other than just eating it all with abandon)?

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  1. If you enjoy fondue and have some pals to share with I'd host a fondue party. Nice problem to have, amm18!

    1. Any type of melt sandwich, egg dishes, gratins

      1. Quiche. Sandwiches. Veggie pizza. Potato dishes. Omelettes. OOh ooh how about a vidalia, thyme, puff pastry, and jarlsberg tart?

        1. jarlsberg croutons/fricos

          on a burger with caramelized onions and sauteed mushrooms

          1. Throw it in a spinach omelette.

            Melt it over some french onion soup.

            Shred it and mix it with some mayo and sour cream as the base for a baked cheese dip.

            A local pizza shop near me mixes swiss in with their shredded mozarella - adds a nice touch

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              Do you have a favorite recipe for the baked cheese dip? A lot of variations on the web...

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                The food blog Closet Cooking has really easy and very delicious hot dip recipes throughout it. Many that include cheese so I'd recommend visiting here:


            2. Thanks all for the great ideas!

              1. While the melt on sandwiches works well, using as fondue IMVHO does not. For an experiment melt a bit of gruyere and a bit of Jarlsberg and see the difference. The fat in Jarlsberg is not from whole milk but lowfat with extra fat added back. The melt is very different, and a bit shiny which always struck me as odd.

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                  No kidding. Well to each their own on fondue and hot cheese dips linked. We have enjoyed using Jarlsberg many times for melting. But, I've also used it in combination with other cheeses.

                  I've paid a good deal more money for Gruyere...but agree it's a wonderful melting cheese (however the OP asked about Jarlsberg).

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                    Yes he/she did ask about Jarlsberg and l commented on Jarlsberg and it's fondue usefullness

                2. Grate it all up and freeze it in freezer proof bags and use in your cooking dishes ... you'll be jarlsberg glad you did that!

                  1. This is going to sound crazy but trust me.

                    Head up a cast iron skillet to medium. Slice the cheese about 1/4" (6mm) thick. Toss it into the skillet and let it crisp and crust up for a moment or two. Flip once with a metal spatula so that you get that nice crusty cheese bottom.

                    Salt, pepper, and spice to taste.

                    I know it sounds weird, but try it. You won't be disappointed.