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May 17, 2013 06:21 PM

Help me with my (Asian heavy) food itinerary

Hounds, please take a look and share your thoughts. We are in Vegas for four days and will have a car. Still, we want to do some drinking. At least two of these dinners are off strip, but thinking to eat on the early-ish side so we can do our drinking in pedestrian friendly areas. We are staying at MGM signature. My husband thinks it's a bit "Asian heavy" - but to me the three experiences are so diverse that it works. Appreciate thoughts!

Wed lunch - Bachi burger on way from airport
Wed dinner - reservations at The Barrymore (has anyone been to happy hour?) or, Lotus of Siam

Thu lunch - Lotus of Siam if not for dinner
Thu dinner - reservations at Raku

Fri lunch - ?? (take it easy by the pool)
Fri dinner - Le Cirque

Sat lunch - ??
Sat dinner - Kabuto

I feel we're missing a good Italian meal ... and we were also thinking of doing some happy hour eating for dinner and getting a late night snack if needed. I wish either Kabuto or Raku was open for lunch!! Is one of them missable?

Thanks friends!

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  1. Keep Kabuto and Raku, and note the latter is open late night (into early a.m) if you want that option.

    Consider Milos at Cosmo for lunch, or Comme Ca.

    Review this list of happy hr specials:

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    1. re: zack

      Thanks Zach! We are definitely keeping both Kobuto and Raku. What a wealth of different and exceptional Japanese restaurants you have in Vegas.

      We did the lunch special at Milos last time -- it was quite good, but probably not enough to merit a return visit for us. I'm haven't heard much about Comme Ca, thanks for the suggestion!

      And thanks for the happy hour list! Love Eater!

    2. You can't even compare the Barrymore to Lotus of Siam is any way. Completely different cuisines, atmospheres, quality, and price points. The Barrymore is fine but if I were to eat 100 times at either of these restaurants, I would go 98 times to LOS and 2 to Barrymore.

      1. for Italian I would consider Scarpetta. Both Kabuto and Raku are great.

        1. Our trip is fast approaching! Does anyone want to share their favorite meals at Bachi and The Barrymore? I'm super interested in hearing about your most loved burgers at Bachi.

          What do people love at the Barrymore? Has anyone been for happy hour when they have the great selection of discounted apps?

          Based on reading the site, I'm thinking crispy duck and sea bass at LOS (probably crispy rice, which we had last time - husband is allergic to shrimp so the crispy shrimp is a no go). But would always welcome other recs. I'm all about being a glutton there and bringing back leftovers for late night eats. Also based on reading other threads, I'm thinking we will probably do a la carte at Raku, partially because of hubs' allergy; I know we'll do wasabi beef, fresh tofu, poached egg w urchin and check out the specials. Going to look more closely at Le Cirque and Kabuto choices when we get there but looking at doing set menus at both.

          We might do a tacos el gordo lunch b/c we loved it last time. Any thoughts on China Poblano for a lunch or late night snack? Anything else outstanding for a lunch on the strip that I'm missing? We won't do Milos again - liked it fine but not love.

          Thanks chowhounders!

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          1. re: edub

            Re: LOS strategy. It's hard to argue against the sea bass and crispy duck. But there are many sauces and I think one of the mistakes people make when ordering at LOS is going for two similar sauce when more varieties are available. If I'm getting the Penang sauce, for example, I try to get a more acidic sauce with other fish I order. BTW, most of the catfish preparations, are superb, and feature many of the same preparations and sauces, at half the price. But not everyone likes catfish.

            1. re: Dave Feldman

              Dave - does crispy duck come w a specific sauce, like Penang? Going for lunch today - thinking duck over fish and khaki soi, maybe the off menu chicken dumplings w crispy rice. How's green papaya salad?

              1. re: edub

                The Crispy Duck is available with four different sauces, so you have a variety of options. The basic papaya salad (Som Thum) is terrific, and on a hot summer day (it may not officially be "summer" on the calendar, but it sure as hell is in Las Vegas), the Sea Bass Som Thum really works. It is beautifully balanced, with the hot/sweet/crunchy/salty/sour elements helping the fish to shine.

                1. re: QAW

                  Thanks! Favorite sauce for duck? How about the catfish salad?

                  1. re: edub

                    Hope this is not too late, but the favorite sauce for the duck can often be a weather issue - Panang or Drunken Noodle on a cooler evening, but Chili Mint this time of year. The Catfish Salad is also ideal for a warm day, with some match sticks of green apple adding a sweet/tart element to the chile heat.

                    1. re: edub

                      I would have answered the same way as QAW. In warm weather, I tend toward green herb preparations, but these kinds of sauces work well as a contrast to chili paste-and/or coconut-based sauces, such as in the khao soi or Penang sauce.

                      1. re: Dave Feldman

                        Thanks Dsve and QAW. Will write up LOS and full trip Monday - we had a sad snafu with spice levels that dragged down our experience.

                        Le cirque tonight - prob doing a la carte. Please suggest away! Ellenost, couldn't find your last trip report but would love to know what you had on your special degustation.

                        1. re: edub

                          This is a copy of my post about my recent visit to Le Cirque in March:

                          "Don't know where Chef Pugin went, but the new chef at Le Cirque came with Pugin from Veritas in NYC. He did a great job! I had a specially created tasting menu that consisted of langoustine carpaccio; crab salad; sautéed foie gras; Arctic char; duck breast; chocolate sphere; baba au rhum; and mignardises. I was so full that I barely touched the baba, and had all of the mignardises boxed up. The FOH staff were all wonderfully attentive. I think Le Cirque will continue at its very high level."

            2. You did not specifically request a Chinese option but Yunnan Garden on Schiff Drive, to this native NYer, is as good and authentic as the best Chinatown and Flushing Queens Chinese restaurants.