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May 17, 2013 04:44 PM

grazing san fran (based in union square w/o car) [SF]

So you have one more day in San Francisco (Saturday) and you hit most of the tourist spots already.

You want to do a chowhoundish grazing before a late night flight. What one thing would you eat? (You can't be too full from eating it so you can keep eating :-)

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  1. I would graze my way through the Ferry Plaza...

    Meat cone from Boccalone
    Cheese samples from Cowgirl Creamery
    some Oysters from Hog Island
    coffee from Blue Bottle
    a truffle macaron from Far West Fungi
    Bubbly from the Ferry Plaza Wine Merchant
    a Taco from Mijita
    an Empanada from El Porteno

    then dessert....
    a Cannele from Boulette's Larder
    a Tart from Frog Hollow
    and a caramel from Recchuiti

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    1. re: CarrieWas218

      Carrie hits a home run with her list above. Concur entirely.

      1. re: CarrieWas218

        Far West Fungi has truffle macarons? How did I miss that?!

        But a note that many of these places are closed or gone by late afternoon. The restaurants stay open, but the stores don't.

        1. re: Windy

          Most of those places close between 5 and 7 on Saturdays.

        2. re: CarrieWas218

          Wow...don't know how I missed the truffle macaron :-(
          I didn't see this post until we got back since we left a bit early on Saturday morning.

          We ended up covering Golden Gate Park and The Mission which we didn't get to earlier in the week.
          Started off the morning w/ a light dim sum at Lai Hong Lounge (they stick huge 16/20 shrimp in the rice noodle rolls) and some snacks for Golden Gate park (the baked char siu buns have an interesting flaky crust that we don't get in Boston). Then hit La Corneta Tacqueria for a few tacos (massive and tasty) while shopping a bit in The Mission. Then had probably the least expensive dinner we had in SF at Dante's Weird Fish in The Mission; fish was perfectly cooked though the seasoning/sides obviously isn't as complex as from a tasting menu. Then finally tried Ghiradelli ice cream at the Westfield mall (big mistake...didn't realize it was made by Dreyers so any of Ben &Jerry's ice cream is muchhhh better)-:

          I'll write up the other places we hit while in San Fran in another post but there was a lot of great food to be had :-)

        3. slice of porcini pizza from L'Osteria del Forno
          banh mi from Saigon Sandwich
          falafel (plain, not a pita sandwich) from Sunrise Deli

          Second (fifth?) on Ferry Plaza. I stopped going to Mijita because their tortillas were weird. Boccalone's sandwiches are great.

          1. Hmmm. I recently had a pleasant lunch at Cafe Claude. You can pretend you're in a Parisian cafe sipping on Kronenbourg beer and eating moules frites.