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May 17, 2013 04:32 PM

Reaching an age when an individual au gratin casserole serves 4

I've recently become a sexagenarian. I'm also plagued with a 40 year collection of dinnerware, serving pieces and bakeware.

Have been cooking for just the 2 of us for 35 years, with seasonal influx of family/friends in the summer and at holidays.

Tonight I made seafood crepes with a mornay sauce in 2 oval pottery dishes. Pulled them out of the oven, looked at the salad I prepped to serve alongside and wondered if any neighbors were around to share dinner with us.

Anyone else out there having problems "downsizing" ??

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  1. Absolutely. Best example, a Costco ribeye is now good for three meals.

    1. We've been cooking for 2 for years and long ago I learned to automatically halve any recipe I'm going to use otherwise the leftovers would be in the fridge for days. Once in a while even halving the recipe isn't enough, then I feel guilty if I don't do my best to rework and re-purpose the leftovers.

      Very rarely do I see recipes for just 2 servings in my cookbooks, though I do know there are cookbooks specifically for one or two I don't own any. More often than not the recipes serve 4 - 6, or 6 - 8.